Clark Harris Womens Jersey  Pigs in Space (Alice Cooper Edition)

Pigs in Space (Alice Cooper Edition)

Dr. Strangepork... That's one of the things you don't understand as a kid, but later you realize what it's a parody of. I love this stuff that you can enjoy as a kid and as an adult!
How do you hate on Pigs in Space?!?!?
Love the muppets
I love miss piggy !
Miss Piggy just isn’t the same without Frank Oz.
My first "Pigs in Space"!
This really spooked mess a child, but now as an adult, I can watch it again, again, and again.
This has Alice Cooper's name in the title because he was the guest on the episode this was taken off of. I also like this part, because it just seems so cool to me how everyone was suddenly becoming invisible.
pigs are bad enough just being on the road...
When TV was great!
R.I.P. Jerry Nelson.
I love this segment
I find your lack of Alice Cooper disturbing.
I didn't care for this when I was a kid and everything became X-rays.
Just title it "Shock Treatment" or "Electrocosmetron". Probably not Shock treatment, because that is an actual psychiatric treatment.
HAHAHAHAHAA!!!! the first time i watched this was when i was 4 years was in 1999 i think...and i still could remember what happened ! GREAT MEMORIES!
LOL@well shtop this!
Wow, I LOVE this show!
I saw this in my cousins car. XD no really.
gets especially freaky close to the end

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