Pigs force fed until obesity in Taiwan ritual

Pigs force fed until obesity in Taiwan ritual

what the fuck....pig is the dirtiest animal
Pure torture
i 3/4 can't believe it, amazing
Taiwan makes me sick
Poor pig its probably in so much pain
If they eat that much pig why aren’t they bigger than what they are?
Se they dont just eat cats
The Pig looks like Angela Merkel
Americans are even bigger than that pig
how the hell is that so.... possible!
I thought it was the Rosie O'Donnell Show.
Are they dead? They don't move
That'll do pig, that'll do

Humans are fucked up.
This nigga thicc as fuck
Thats a bit fucking barbaric isnt it?
Poor pig
they should be force-fed and restricted in a cage and see how it feels

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