PIG vs DOG: Testing Pets Intelligence

PIG vs DOG: Testing Pets Intelligence

Imagine if cops replaced cop dogs with cop pigs. That won't happen, because pigs are dumb. This is vegan propaganda.
This was a really fun idea but the challenges were really unfair! You tried to compare their intelligence by making them do things they've never done before - how are they supposed to know what you want them to do? And on the final round where you tossed a treat, of course Oliver is going to get it first, he's faster! That's a physical capability, not intellectual! I'd love it if you redid this challenge by trying to teach them both a new trick, like paw, and see who learns it first! That's a good way to measure intelligence, not by trying to make them pose or walk up stairs.
I work with pigs an they're amazing animals. Dog are very smart, but pigs are much smarter. The average dog has a intelligence of a 3 year old child, where as pigs are more closely related to a 5 year old child's intelligence.
Ricky is hot.
No offense but your point system was very unfair
Ricky is a pig🐷🤣
I cant get myself to believe pigs are smarter than dogs.
Your house is so dirty😂
How are u going to get yur pets to do tricks if u haven’t trained them.....r u dumb enough to think that they just understand u.....dumb a hole
I know this video is like a year old but who did the subtitles that is not okay djdbejedjebkebw
I don't think Oliver cared that he had the towel on him 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Round 3
Oliver 2
Luna. 1. H,m 123 teehee
Intelligence and going up the stairs :( please...
Love your videos Ricky but as a clean and organize freak, this stressed me out so much. I wanted to go their and clean everything.
The floor is so dirty
What happened to your bunny :(
So weird..first time I'm watching this dude and I have a pet pig.. Named LUNA. Ahhh!
Wtf my name is oliver aah
pigs are smarter than dogs though they just have to be trained

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