PIG vs DOG: Testing Pets Intelligence

PIG vs DOG: Testing Pets Intelligence

My cat is soo cute if I’m ever hurt and crying he comes instantly and hugs me 😍😍
Nah man, I'm rocking this towel.
Luna is winner
I'm so not hating! I love your channel and your pets, but you were giving them both dog skills when one of them is a dog and one of them is a pig! Not fair! Like if you agree!
Your house is GROSS why TF would you film like that? Unsubscribe
How do you keep Luna from screaming all the time?
Thats not fair ! You put the snack under the blanket right in front of luna but the god was locked up ! and I would say the dog actually found it and eat it properly while luna just started to eat through the blanket, thats not smart 🤷‍♀️
This was a really fun idea but the challenges were really unfair! You tried to compare their intelligence by making them do things they've never done before - how are they supposed to know what you want them to do? And on the final round where you tossed a treat, of course Oliver is going to get it first, he's faster! That's a physical capability, not intellectual! I'd love it if you redid this challenge by trying to teach them both a new trick, like paw, and see who learns it first! That's a good way to measure intelligence, not by trying to make them pose or walk up stairs.
I work with pigs an they're amazing animals. Dog are very smart, but pigs are much smarter. The average dog has a intelligence of a 3 year old child, where as pigs are more closely related to a 5 year old child's intelligence.
Ricky is hot.
No offense but your point system was very unfair
Ricky is a pig🐷🤣
I cant get myself to believe pigs are smarter than dogs.
Your house is so dirty😂
How are u going to get yur pets to do tricks if u haven’t trained them.....r u dumb enough to think that they just understand u.....dumb a hole
I know this video is like a year old but who did the subtitles that is not okay djdbejedjebkebw
I don't think Oliver cared that he had the towel on him 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Round 3
Oliver 2
Luna. 1. H,m 123 teehee

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