Clark Harris Womens Jersey  PIG vs DOG: Testing Pets Intelligence

PIG vs DOG: Testing Pets Intelligence

"Ah. I'm in peril!" 😫
Who was rooting for the pig?
OMG THEY'RE SO CUTE 😍💖... and damn boy your floor is DIRTY!
dislikes are dogs
His house seems like it stinks.
This dude is gay I can tell
To be fair Luna’s pictures weren’t nice lol she was moving lol
If pigs are smarter then dogs,why they wont tell me THE MATH ANSWER
Lol i just got a mini pig 3 days ago and his already learned to sit back-up and jump up and to balance on his back legs lol it was super eazy only took about 1 hour per trick
You know nothing about animals lol
Ricky is a terrible actor
Problem is you should be smarter then the pig and dog and that may be debatable.
man i bet ur house LK smells from luna 😂
Oliver... dumber than the average dog lol
Ricky I’m sorry, but like seriously CLEAN YA HOUSE
Is this border collie
Ricky! does your sister know your wearing her shoes
Damn Rickey is dragging his own dog through the mud lmao
Luna is why I'm Vegan. I could never pay someone to get a pig Slaughtered. (or the Dairy cows/egg hens, either).

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