Pig Is Smarter Than His Dog Siblings | The Dodo

Pig Is Smarter Than His Dog Siblings | The Dodo

Is the piggo better than the doggo?
He is far too fat also^^
:/ 0:51
He ugly thoe
He’s good piggo
The way he's smiling....boy you got me 😁
At 0:05, camera man says "Everyone say cheese and smile"....... "Don't smile".
Pigs are cool but I hate chickens with a passion so REEEEEEE (had to live with a rooster.. In my house... The nightmares...)
Awww 😭😭❤️
I dont see any evidence of pigs being smarter than dogs.
Sooooo CUTE
Big boy
Title should be
"Pig is smarter than owner."
Every canine behaviourist will tell you that dogs and pigs should never be kept together. Regardless of how the dog is raised. Pigs smell like prey and it takes only a second for instinct to kick in.
This is why mass sterilization is needed. This idiot owner should not be allowed around animals or children as she is clearly too stupid to recognize danger.
You are such a Jewel so kind to your babies may the Lord keep on Blessing you thanks for sharing.
This woman talks like if she is about to have epilepsy
Another love story unfolds.
He's cute and so chubby 😍🐕🐖
Zero Fucks Given
NO to the pork/ham/bacon industry!

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