Clark Harris Womens Jersey  Pig Is Smarter Than His Dog Siblings | The Dodo

Pig Is Smarter Than His Dog Siblings | The Dodo

He's my son- so you look like a pig.
Wish all pigs got to be treated like this
so many cute pig videos on here- but who cleans up all the poo?
He has an obesity problem.
Not really
Imagine his face when their eating some good old bacon for breakfast
Awww 🥰
I am hungry ,will you let me eat your pig😂😂
Underrated pink floyd album tbh.
Sir that is one weird dog
When it said Cha Cha I thought someone at my house was saying my last name Cha
I want to eat him
We met a pet pig today. Put him on our vlog. Rosie the pig is so cool. I want one:)
Bacon 4L
Now just imagine how thick and succulent a full rack of rubbed BBQ ribs would be off that pigs back
Such a lovely steak he is.

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