Clark Harris Womens Jersey  Photoshop tutorial: The new and improved Crop tool |

Photoshop tutorial: The new and improved Crop tool |

Can you drag the cropped area around like before? In Photoshop CC 2018 I can only drag around the background image but cropped area stays fixed.
Hi, how can you crop an image, to delete some part but keeping the size like 7:5, if you don t want a 4square image?
hey please can u help me. when i crop a picture it automatically unlocks the to fix it
Very good !
nice video
thanks keep the video's coming......where do i donate.....
with Lightroom you can check a box when editing called constrain crop. is there a way to constrain crop an image in photoshop that might be irregular in shape? 
hey huge fan of love your work it helped me out a lot.. i have a question. how to reveal the hidden pixels that you cropped out since it isn't permanently deleted

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