Photoshop Tip - How To Crop An Image In Photoshop

Photoshop Tip - How To Crop An Image In Photoshop

How can I crop a panorama in 3 parts but keep or save all of them?
When I open the crop tool h w and resolution does not appear. How can I make it so?
Thanks in advance.
after I enter "enter key" why the image shrink into nothing but a tiny black dot?
wtf is inner key!
Thanks so much! Very helpful! Earned a sub! ;)
I prefer to adjust the canvas size to an expected aspect ratio like maybe 1200 by 1000 or 400 by 270 and then resize the image to make it fit the dimensions I chose manually. That works well if you want a specific aspect ratio.

The Shortcut for canvas size is 'Ctrl alt and C' if anyone would prefer to use this method. This way you can also put a background layer underneath if needed and maybe use one of the colours from the image with the eye picker tool.
(Eye Picker Shortcut: 'i')
(Pant Bucket Shortcut: 'G')
Thanks so much!
how u crop 360 degree image
My photoshop has already a slection crop for me when I click on the Crop Tool. How can I remove that option so I cna manually crop it myself?
Thank you
But how do I do it without cropping out the background if I have one?
Cool. How do I make sure that the picture is cropped to a certain size, say 5 x 7, 4 x 6 or 8 x 10? Thanks!
Hi, tks for your tut. How can I maintain there aspect ratio when cropping?
This is very true! I am glad that I could help.
Thanks you reminded to unlock image most tutorials forget. Sometimes it's the simplest problems that are the biggest.
Thank you!!!

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