PAYDAY 2: What's the Deal With John Wick's Hostages in the Bank Heist?

PAYDAY 2: What's the Deal With John Wick's Hostages in the Bank Heist?

lol console pleb
Payday 2 on consoles is bullshit, because of everything. Not even talking about DLCs or FOV
thought this would be like a video explaining this. but its just raw gameplay
Hey I’ve been looking around for a video like these and was wondering if you wanted to play sometime? If you still play Payday.
THE FOV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
turn up ur fov...
Complaining about someone playing a game on a console instead of a pc is retard. I prefer playing it on pc but im not talking shit about console gamers
who the fuck plays payday on a consol ? xD
Omg ps 4 suck's dick
Omfg that console FOV settings are killing me
Can i add you on ps4 im child pls
please change your FoV
Had to stop the video when I saw that he is playing with console.
I don't get the advantage of having highst FOV. Seems like a personal preference thing.
Console player should play on a real gaming machine. ... like a PC
When you said about people kicking you for sitting in the van with a bag on your back, I think some might kick you because you get the money for the loot on your back, but not the Xp.
That fov gave me cancer
oh god thats why...your playing console payday..they dont ever udpate that shit
I notice when you tie some hostages down bain talks about wick but when you ties up other civs he dosent say much and nothing at all about wicm. he only talks about the 2 in by the parking lot outside the bank. When you tie those 2 he says stuff about wick and even when you kill them he mention wicks name
I think they're the ones who killed his dog

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