Payday 2 Sydney Bank Heist: Deposit Solo Stealth DW

Payday 2 Sydney Bank Heist: Deposit Solo Stealth DW

Whats that shotgun?
1:46 nothing weird happening.. except that theres no female guard in there (at least i think)
Nice Vid bro you should play Cod
Jest polska
What Charakter is this
9/10 would prefer Sokol
plot twist

he used a auto clicker to grab the money
Uauu tu é foda kk
And you character?
Character: being loud asf at 4:31
Game: Doesnt register the screaming
Character: Yells loud asf
Game: "Yall hear summ?"
What is pistol?
A story on payday 2.
Bain: alright let's do a tutorial on how to stealth bank heist.
Me: alright.
Bain: so u Wana enter the banks entrance.
Me: but won't the guards notice the huge guns were holding.
Bain: no they have a detection metre if it's full they see us.
Me: so if I crouched in front of a guard he wouldn't notice me sounds good then.
Bain: so go to the manager's office and see if they keycards there. If it's not the manager has got it.
Me: cool.
Bain: ok so we've got the keycards now answer the pager to the security guard.
Me: k (answers pager slowly) wai-
Alarm: Boi u not answer that pager imma set off.
Bain: FOR FUCK SAKE I HAVE TO RESTART THE MISSION FOR THE 7294765267383938737364647378292000383773736667366363373828212664572728829283TH TIME
Best reason to play on Xbox
1: You get unlimited body bags.
2: Once you make a guard give up (drop his weapons) you don't have to answer his pager.
3: on Xbox u can answer unlimited pagers well if u get the skill on maximum is 4 without the skill I think is 2.
One downside is that u can't move peeps
Whe i play im noisy lol
How can i play DW? I'm level 69 as a reference

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