Payday 2 Sydney Bank Heist: Deposit Solo Stealth DW

Payday 2 Sydney Bank Heist: Deposit Solo Stealth DW

Whats that shotgun?
Appii what custom fov you play on?
How did you get that supressor
2th universary for that video :D
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Payday 2 logic : when a citizen panic
(Player) « Get down ! »
No one ear noise
Buen video verte good
wow so cool bro good job at stealth man!
I really dunno why Sydney freakin screaming in quiet missions? Whatever? Like all.
whaaaaat good
Is a genius
The picture of this vid is even in the ps3 store lol
move faster pls
Ninja and god
What are the point of those gloves if they are fingerless?
can you do wolf or dallas solo stealth gold bank heist??\
Australian heist?
how can u have that low concealment?
You are Good man

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