PayDay 2 Package Locations Bank Heist

PayDay 2 Package Locations Bank Heist

thx for the work! but you should update the video, cuz I found packages on different locations, maybe overkill has changed the mechanism of this map
Why won't you pick it up
I'm going to use this everytime I play this heist
This helped a lot thanks
Thank you
OMG!!!!! THX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
Thank you soo much
Thank you mate me and my friend where looking for one package for 20 damn min but cuz of you we got them all
You're a fuckin' saint! I like that you got right to the point and just showed the locations in the least amount of time needed, as opposed to every other video where they spend 20 seconds of commentary on each location. Don't normally leave a like on videos like this (don't want a shitload of them to show up in my recommended videos), but I'll leave one here and on your song good sir.
Thanks mate, you made me memorise all packages!! You're awesome! :D
Really helpful :) I use this always when doing this heist :) Thx for the video, short and good. It would be great if there were more videos like this on youtube. Can i ask you what is that songs name?
great video ty
This DLC and this video has something in common
both are one of the most helpful ones
Thanks <3
thank you lol now I can farm packages
I used to play a game/bet with my friends when we were like 13 and stealthed, whoever got the most Packages win, and got a bottle of coke the next day, none of them had the idea to look the packages up. anyway, thanks for the diet cokes mate, if I could I'd give one to you, im sure a like and subscribe will do :P
Thank you!! Really helpful!

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