Payday 2 - Harvest & Trustee North solo OD Stealth

Payday 2 - Harvest & Trustee North solo OD Stealth

to really the person put u in the fame 😕😕😕😱😱😱😱lier
1:29 What up babe?
10:34 Cheats?
pl how you caring 10 bags ???
appii hack
5:56 ayy
6:00 What stealth heisters do when waiting for the drill...
how do you sprint with a thermal drill?
Appii, are you m0rtifer's friend?
Wanna know why I love your channel? Its because your the type of person who would just stand still and flash their laser during a heist for a few seconds.
Is it just me or the pagers are the things that make me love this game
I wonder does this have CONVERSATIONS!
Desculpa msm mas n quero saber o q aconteceu na live ;-;
speek i your vids
JAJAJAJa se mando un video de payday dentro de su video de payday
lol watching mortifer high detect risk in "PC"
blood in front of you NOT SUSPICIOUS AT ALL
People still want to use other stealth build? Really guys..

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