Payday 2 - Harvest & Trustee North solo OD Stealth

Payday 2 - Harvest & Trustee North solo OD Stealth

M0rtifer your friend?
12:12 hacker
6:65 LoL
to really the person put u in the fame 😕😕😕😱😱😱😱lier
1:29 What up babe?
10:34 Cheats?
pl how you caring 10 bags ???
appii hack
5:56 ayy
6:00 What stealth heisters do when waiting for the drill...
how do you sprint with a thermal drill?
Appii, are you m0rtifer's friend?
Wanna know why I love your channel? Its because your the type of person who would just stand still and flash their laser during a heist for a few seconds.
Is it just me or the pagers are the things that make me love this game
I wonder does this have CONVERSATIONS!
Desculpa msm mas n quero saber o q aconteceu na live ;-;
speek i your vids
JAJAJAJa se mando un video de payday dentro de su video de payday

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