[Payday 2] Death Wish - Bank Heist Pro (Solo Stealth)

[Payday 2] Death Wish - Bank Heist Pro (Solo Stealth)

you got xbox
I recently completed this it took hours cause I’m bad at stealth this one is pretty easy though I wait for the vault to be near the back entrance then sneak in cuff the manager and get the 3 guards to surrender (so you can do it without killing anyone)
7:12 "Ye sneaky bastard"
then update 100
What skill do you have to gat to have the ability to shoot locks
I think they changed the thing we're u shoot loud it will permanently keep em down...cause now it doesn't happen here
what is your weapon's name?
Would you stop shooting the god damn gun
Im late by 3 years
any one watching in 2017?
what was the AR he was using?
11:53PM "Scooby-Doo! The Mystery Begins" and GeneralMcBadass are on... I feel so nostalgic right now... :,) 10/29/2017
How they didn't notice you i play on ps3 they will notice me and try to run away it will be good that they do an update that you can lock the doors
what is pro job?
Is it just me or did his constant shooting annoy the piss out of people?
~Axel from A&S Gaming
Funny how nonchalant you doing this mission and everything almost seems too easy. And then you do the rookie stunt and shoot the camera lol.
it doesnt let me use the emc jammer on the door
Don't press read more!

Don't read the comment on this comment!
"There's a camera down there so I can't do my long hallway tactic"

procedes to overtake bank without worry of cameras noticing anything

... I'm sorry, what?

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