Payday 2 - Bank Heist Complete Stealth [Cash + Deposit Boxes] - SOLO

Payday 2 - Bank Heist Complete Stealth [Cash + Deposit Boxes] - SOLO

Nice stealthing I think I can complete the hiest like this too!😊
Thats pretty cheese how you only got less than 300k for pocket cash........... :/ you could say you got... robbed
My main strat was to take everyone hostage after killing all the guards and then execute every single person.

It worked.

unbelievable how NONE of the customer responded to the yells of STAY LOW, DON'T MOVE, GIT DOWN!!!! nor the drill beeping it's ass of, but all in all a very swell job lad!
Ummmm the music is annoying
lol its about to turn into a cat fight in the comments because they think that this stealth run isnt good
Very good job man!
No offense but that isn't impressive at all.
You very noob I do it in one sec but nice gameplay
wow.....benny hill........worse music ever
lol at the ppoint he killed or neutralized 5 enemies i already cleared it and it was probably way more fun
mause lag proplem 
Very very crazy and good ;)
Single **
Excellent stealth run. You should have been rewarded more though. I did Bank Heist: Cash, singe player, with a risk level of two yet I lost a lot of exp (roughly 4000, a lot for a level 9 player) , due to this stupid level limit :/
Yeah, i expected more...
That huge effort was really not rewarding enough.. Good job though!

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