Parole Board - Saturday Night Live

Parole Board - Saturday Night Live

did i enjoy this skit ... Imensely
will I watch it again ...of Course
is Kenan the funniest mother fucker on SNL ....POINT ME TO THE VOTING POLLS
Blake Shelton was the best part
Point me. Towards. A Homeless. Shelter 😂
Watching this stuff....It is unbelievable that young ppl today think that this is "comedy" and that Kenan is "funny" and/or talented. This is PURE DEE CRAP. Not funny at ALL!
Kenan is an snl legend
100% laughter
We need more of this lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣
snl is feces
Wtf Lmao so funny
What is this, black tarrare? xdddd
Is one of the guards Street Seidell from old skool collegehumor??
But what if ate Jeffery Dahmer in prison?
Would that make him rehabilitated?
i know its 2018 dont bully me but why wouidnt they give him a person on deathrow as his last meal
Im Crying 😂😂😂😂 I Can't Deal
I'll kill u my self u sick son of bitch!

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