Parole Board - Saturday Night Live

Parole Board - Saturday Night Live

What happened to SNL, all the current skits except the Baldwin ones I can actually laugh at
Messed up pardoy of Shawshank
Keenan Thompson was hilarious in this skit. It was pure comedic gold.
I swear this no other skit has made me laugh so much in my life . Kenan rules
For My last meal “one man please”, “NO”, “two boys”, “NO”, “one boy?”, classic !!!!
LOL @ music when he starts speaking :))
For my last meal then "A man" No , " Alright a boy then" Kenan is a FOOL!
Background music😂😂😂
is that blake shelton
Keenan is the sole redeeming feature of SNL in my opinion.., I’m sick of them and their anti-Trump agenda but he is enough to overlook it occasionally.
I once ate a girl. She enjoyed it immensely. 😎
I just peed on myself this was crazy as fuck
Too funny
I don’t understand why the prisoner has to be black wtf
I haven't watched SNL in 15 years but man this stuff is funny. I like Kenan Thompson that guy is going places.....funny man!
'that's like a magic trick' lol
They are rascit

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