Parole Board - Saturday Night Live

Parole Board - Saturday Night Live

The delivery of some of those lines seems inspired from one of the lawyers on the TV show "Silicon Valley".
One of my favorite skits of all time
2:00 "Either way, I'm gonna eat another man" it sounded like he almost laughed
Cannibalism = Hilarity!
Maybe he likes white meat, although it can by dry.
😂😂😂"Shut up!! No one is [On the fence!!]
You just ate a guy, last week... a new Guy" .... 😂😂😂
One of my favorite skits Ever Keenan is the best!!!
I wonder wat America will do to make Keenan a bad guy
Does being a cannibal qualify a person as mentally insane?
We need to stop this cannibal bigotry. Cannibals are people too
"2 boys? Ok fine, 1 boy"
Hahahaha came back still funny
LOL! Good one!
Classic sketch
No words
Did somebody notice that the black guy is the man eater
OMG disgusting lol
im guessing a homeless shelter is like a buffet in the mind of a cannibal ?

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