Oxygen Not Included THERMAL REGULATION Lets Play Oxygen Not Included AGRICULTURE UPDATE Gameplay #13

Oxygen Not Included THERMAL REGULATION Lets Play Oxygen Not Included AGRICULTURE UPDATE Gameplay #13

You need to use insulated pipes, not just abysalite. I believe the material they are made of only effects if they get overheated and damaged.
Abyssalite does not block heat transfer, it just increases the overheat temperature by an lot. Instead, use the INSULATED PIPES that you JUST researched.
Hey biffa try putting some gas permeable tiles in to let the cold air thru to the upper levels of ur farm👍
Awesome video as always!!!
I think it may be because you aren't cooling the water before you are pumping it in. Maybe pump the water into a chamber with a couple wheezewarts, then pump it to the sleetwheats?
Can't wait to see what you do next!
Thanks Biffa!!! :D
use insulated pipes
Hey Biffa, consider running your water thru uninsulated pipes in the cold area, then switch the pipes to insulated at the point it crosses into the farm area. I know it's not a big deal, but it should help.
Any reason to not use the insulated pipes when you don't want the temperature to change?
Great episode. Just a thought... scientifically, warm rises and cold falls, at least in RL. Not sure if the game recognizes that, but it might be worth keeping in mind when you're thinking about cooling that seed area. Another idea for the farm... perhaps having plants that don't mind warmer areas would help with the food situation. :)
Just a few observations on the farm, it's a really big room so maybe dividing it into smaller sections would make cooling easier? Also it either seems like the heat wants to go up or it can't go past the farm tiles (they go all the way to both edges of the room) so maybe space them out some and put some gas permeable tiles at the top of the room to help let the heat escape? This may or may not help, just throwing some ideas out there😊
Hi biffa love your videos. Just wondering if the sleet wheat are stifled because of fertiliser? just a thought. keep up the good work! x
Hi Biffa, you could try putting a water reservoir in the cold area and pump the water from there once it has cooled.
all cooling is at the bottom of your cold room... heat rises.
maybe spread the weazeworts around instead of all in one area?
why use the bridge at 23:30 instead of sending the heavy cable through the ceiling/ floor of the room above the transformer?
Dearest Biffa, your cool room is overpressured. So if yo pump the Oxygen from the top and resycle it thoug the cooling system, and not taking it from the oxydizers. Hope this idé helps
I just think putting all the cooling stuff in the left bottom is mistake. It takes a lot of time to trasfer heat. I would break the initial gas vent and put multiple in each corner (or ideally) richt above some plants and not lose any pressure because it doesnt matter, it´s just one room.
I dont think "pushing" the heat out is going to work.
pump the ari out an the top of the room
Run Obsidian gas pipes with cold air through it, and run it through the entire place farm area. and recycle the air in the system till the entire farm is cold? You can use any excess natural gas you got kicking around =)
would insulated liquid pipes help any?? to keep the water cool and not give off any heat??
Maybe thats a silly idea, but why not use isolated pipes so the hot water doesnt affect the surrounding?

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