Oxygen Not Included SHOWERS FOR ALL!!! Lets Play Oxygen Not Included AGRICULTURE UPDATE Gameplay #14

Oxygen Not Included SHOWERS FOR ALL!!! Lets Play Oxygen Not Included AGRICULTURE UPDATE Gameplay #14

:) Glad I'm not having to shower in negative temperatures with an a/c vent right next to me...lol...love ya Biffa!....oh and what every one else said about insulated pipes and correct temp reading stuff :)
Stress of only 10%, but the dupes are still acting strangely and making faces. I hope the developers fix this, because it is causing my stress to increase. Plus all of the excess and unpredictable heating and the difficulty of managing it...
My ideas for fixing the farm.... First remember, Warm air RISES; Cold air FALLS. Putting the cold air things at the bottom keeps the cold at the bottom. Others have already told you about the water in your pipes so I won't repeat that. Just get the pipes replaced or use cold water through them in the farm area. The farm area also doesn't have space on every row to allow proper air flow. Replace 3 planters with tiles to allow air flow on each row (one at each end and one in the middle). You can probably use the ladder as one of those air flow areas on some rows. Put wheezewort plants throughout the farm, 3 on the top row next to, but not on top of, the air tiles then space them on each row to spread the cool air throughout. Replacing the tiles above the farm with insulating tiles is a very good idea. Also, diversify your plants. Put plants that can be warmer where the warm areas are. That way you have a variety of food sources. As for the electricity problem, it seems that the devs are not letting players become complacent about anything. That's the only reason I can see for suddenly being out of electricity. LOL
You're doing gr8! I've never played the game, only watched you play it- and I love that you are always trying and experimenting new ways to do things.
I was wondering if in your garden area- if you could run the air pipes over the water pipes- I wonder if the cold air pipes might cool the hot water pipes down. If that works, you could remove the end cap plants and vent the air at the ends of each plant row. Or maybe use insulated pipes- especially on the section after they go through the cold water (under garden area).
Awesome video as always!!!
I think if you open the door at the bottom of the farm area then disable all the vents except the top two, it should push all the warm air out.
I think you have been cooling the pipe not the water, as it is still going in at 40 something degrees.
I would recommend this, dump the water that would go into the farm into a separate room, cool that water, then pump it out and into the farm.
Thanks Biffa!!! :D
Biffa: Strategy, Survival & Indie Games So why aren't you using the insulated pipes instead of the normal one? they keep the liquids and gases cold or hot depending on the settings
Biff make quick mealwood farm it's faster to grow easier to get a great yield and can save power on the musher. Also with the natural geysers make the Area next to the ladder 2wide will help the gas flow
12 seconds in an hoping for a sleet wheat revolution
for masterpiece artwork you only need art 4 as a minimum.
if you run the water pipe​ in the cold water take after that the hardend water pipe they hold the cold better in the pipe
thats a hair brainer thing to keep that area cool. Pleased to finally got new computer, and finely playing my own game, you make it look so easy.
Water temperature - I wonder if you can trick the game? Perhaps you can build a water reservoir in the cold area into which you pump the geyser water. Then, maybe you'll be able to pump cold water from there to your crops. Don't hesitate to make more than one reservoir if the water first needs time to cool.
pump the hot oxygen out and make way for cold O2 because cool air sinks under the hot air in your sleet wheet farm
use insulated pipes to irrigate the plants so after passing it through the cold water it will not heat up again
Biffa your priority 9 liquifiable storage is causing duplicants to sweep ice and stuff at priority 9. As if the poor guys didn't have enough work ;P
at this point you should just switch crops really. get something accustomed to warmer temperatures.
100th like :) Also the game doesn't expect you to plant one wheezewart beside of every two cold plant does it? Your priorities all seem high as well. Does it not work as well staggering your priorities?
I realize that you're recording these videos one or two in advance so it'll be a couple days before you respond to any of this in a video, you make these videos for entertainment purposes (and not as a tutorial), and some of these comments are things other people have said too, but I thought I'd post it anyways, with timestamps for reference because I can't help but yell at the screen when I see the same mistakes over and over.

At 9:03 when you are comparing the amount of water the showers produce, and the amount of water the plants need you didn't pay attention to the units of time. The shower outputs 1000 g per SECOND, while the plants need 20 Kg per CYCLE (600 seconds), which is just 33 g per SECOND. You've got 12 dupes at the end of the episode and each shower takes around 30 seconds at normal speed, so you could hydrate 18 farm tiles with your two showers, assuming every dupe takes a full shower daily. Your lavatories will generate enough polluted water for another 8 or so farm tiles (11.7Kg per use, dupes go about once a day, and your latest dupe has a small bladder so she goes twice a day). To play it safe, I'd say you could probably hydrate the entire top row of 21 tiles since dupes aren't the most reliable creatures. :)

At 14:24 you talk about how the wheezewort's aren't doing anything, but this isn't true. After you turned off the water, the 40 degree water that was still in the pipe is now down to 7 degrees! So the wheezeworts do work, but they take a while and won't do much for super hot water that's moving past it quickly.

At 35:45 you're still reading the wrong temperature. Even with the pipes going through the cold polluted water, the water inside them is around 50 degrees! You even realize you're reading them wrong with the gas pipes at 43:35.. You might actually be seeing the hot water inside, and don't think it matters because the pipes themselves are still cold which is why you are only talking about the pipe temperature, but the only reason the pipes aren't also 50 degrees is because the water is moving so quickly through them. When the hot water stops and stays in the farm tiles, that's when the area around it all heats up.

Hopefully this info helps. I love the videos and look forward to them every day, even if the people I live with think I'm crazy for randomly yelling at my computer screen. :) Keep up the great work!
Can we get more astroneer?
the room is to big to cool. move the air outlet to the top of the room cold air sinks . remove every other planter box to improve air flow. also polluted air gets colder faster polluted water stays cold longer. try growing something else

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