Oxygen Not Included: PUFT SLIME FARM Lets Play Oxygen Not Included AGRICULTURE UPDATE Gameplay #6

Oxygen Not Included: PUFT SLIME FARM Lets Play Oxygen Not Included AGRICULTURE UPDATE Gameplay #6

Look how many Sleet Wheat Grain he has on the left on 0:57...
Biffa. your playlist is messed up. You have episode 6 between 10 & 11. I tend to watch playlists while exercising, so it's a real pain when you are watching the playlist and it jumps from 5 to 7 and you have to go back to the list just to find one out of place episode which I will have to do again after this episode is over. Also, looking at your playlist, episode 12 is out of place as well and episode 28 is missing completely.
seeing them cry
I wonder if you can build a human tear producing structure
This one didn't make it to your playlist... love the Pufts.

you should sweep the whole entire base, the items decreases the decor
Thanks a lot for puft farming guide. I checked other videos with "Puft" on their names, yet they are just random gameplay videos without any accomplishment on this.
These last two episodes are what Let's Plays are all about. Gold, Jerry! Gold!
Add water to your Lice plants to grow faster
Why not put a gas pump in the lower left of your base and pump the Natural Gas up to your generator?
you might need to move the air scrubber to a bigger area as if that over pressurised both the natural gas generator and the air scrubber will stop working. 😎
Pretty amazing turnaround from the last video. One bit of advice after watching a ton of your ONI videos: stop messing with the jobs (except for art). Almost any time you mess with jobs you seem to forget about it and it causes you problems. There's really no compelling reason to not let everyone to every job, again, except for art.
LOL! That PUFF was the funniest thing I have seen in all your videos! It jumps below the grate just as it was being built!
I wish the cooking "list" was just the priority list of recipes to cook rather than the list of actual meals. This way you don't have to micromanage switching between mush bars and lice loafs. So when a dup starts to cook, they make the first item in the list that they can, skipping onces they can't.
There was a collapse at 43:43, that's why the contaminated water fell through.
wow... Biffa suddenly so serious, no more goofing around
Nice videos! Any worry that the water below the puff will fill up and overflow?
Did you delete your handsomeness? Cause I missed it!! I watched it twice!! Lol :D I need a Two Thumbs up button!!
8 is the new 5
Awesome video as always!!!
I think those other pufts were to the right of your base.
Can't wait to see what you do next!!!
Thanks very cool Biffa!!! :D
Hi Biffa have you considered playing other games like Wildlands or pray

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