Oxygen Not Included GIANT CESSPIT...YUCK!!!! Lets Play Oxygen Not Included AGRICULTURE UPDATE #29

Oxygen Not Included GIANT CESSPIT...YUCK!!!! Lets Play Oxygen Not Included AGRICULTURE UPDATE #29

yes biffa it's possible if you do it right
Where did ange leo go?
Tune in next time to Biffa's Silly Dupes and find out. :)
Awesome video as always!!!
Wow, that was a really big project.
It may be time to add more electrolyzers if you are struggling with oxygen.
Can't wait to see what you do next!
Thanks Biffa!!! :D
ur donb
Biffa isn't there a water heater? Keep the water just hot enough to not freeze?
The phosphorite when dug will give phosphorus that's why you found the plant's there.
I see two options for fixing your water freezing issue; you can either pump water into the hot sections of your base with granite pipes, this will heat up your water and then you can drip it back into your reservoir, however this is a temporary solution as eventually the base temperature will equalize and will not be as efficient as the my second option. Which is as follows add a liquid tempedizer with a thermo switch set to turn on when the water reaches a temperature just above freezing. my suggestion would be set it to (below 0 degrees) this way once the temp is below 0 the tempedizer will warm it up a bit and prevent freezing.
Biffaaaaaaaa, the waste pipe carries too much and stops the CO2 from the Power Generator: the power stops...
Biffa, you don't need a big pit of contaminated/polluted water. It's just my opinion, but you should purify the polluted water to normal clean water. Only way I know how to purify water is with sand or by steam. But hey, it's your choice.
Hey biffa 😉could you call the next duplicant After my Forename 😉🤔😘
In terms of the biosphere, phosphorus will not be a gas, its most common form in agriculture is a solid and it is necessary for living things to grow (it's part of DNA). 🌈 🌟 The more you know 🌟 🌈 thanks for bringing ONI back!! ❤️
love you biffa!! keep up the good work
Biffa build another electrolizer in its room
Biffa you might want put a row of flooring a little under the pepper plants so the seeds do not fall all the way into polluted water.
Biffa, the pipe connected to the fertilizer is attached to a fluid pipe bridge that's turned in the WRONG direction. It's going in from the pipe where it used to be connected to the pump and into the pipe that's taking it to be dropped above the cooling units. What you need to do is remove that bridge and put it back in the opposite direction. That way you can have the polluted water from the cesspit also going to the fertilizer again.
when you are stuck wondering why something is not working with pipes, just please PLEASE check if you have it lined up in a proper INTAKE -> OUTPUT way. Its like the 3rd or 4th time i noticed it, so if sth isnt working, please check that first.
you can feed the hatches ice and polluted ice which is renewable instead of using your building materials
The contents of pipes gets bottled when you deconstruct them.

Btw. Soggy feet stresses the dupes out a lot. Make sure to mop every last little piece of water they run through a lot. Will solve most of your stress problems.
biffa, Will you be digging down soon? I want to see the lava too.

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