Oxygen Not Included AIR COOLING SYSTEM!!! Lets Play Oxygen Not Included AGRICULTURE UPDATE #27

Oxygen Not Included AIR COOLING SYSTEM!!! Lets Play Oxygen Not Included AGRICULTURE UPDATE #27

not sick biffa scared me
y u no moresodes
Ay Biffa, I got an ad :)
Hey, Biffa, you should try digging to the bottom or top of the map :P
Biffa, fertilizer makers should be put off to the side so the toxic air don't spread to the top or bottom of your base. You could put the fertilizer makers right underneath the batteries and the natural gas. Also, it been six days since this video was uploaded. When is the next episode?
Imagine if someone started a fire by the natural gas set up...
Hey, Biffa. I noticed that your base isn't closed off at all anymore and your oxygen is escaping up top of your base.
What's the name of the song that plays around 32 minutes in?
Strange.. Youtube decidet to take away the abbo from you akkount... 🤔🙁
When I saw you connecting wrong the gas pipes of the natural gas generator my mind was like: `Biffa after all this time?` and you replied, `Always`.
I have the same problem with high-power circuits running out of power from the transformer. Just place a single battery. It can even be a small one! This acts as a power buffer to keep the machines running while the transformer works.
I don't play this game, so take this comment for what it is worth, but, you said you don't want to dig the Abyssalite because it is a good insulator. I agree with this, but it might be pretty cool looking to dig a ladder to two through the Abyssalite and build rooms below it. Sort of a separate section.
Good work on this series!
Great Show!
Biffa, I always come home and look forward to an update :)
Full time jobs are Mundane, and life tends to be slow and boring, but your show gives me something to relax to. For that I thank you.
descontrusk some of the old gas pipes
You already have a great spot for fertilizer maker. The open section at the bottom of base has that pump that filters out all the bad stuff that sinks. They produce the natural and all your toilet water and shower water could just go to those. Set up a couple and let the gas settle down. Your polluted water would slow down in production too?
if im the top comment make the name be piccolo
you should turn the polluted water into fresh water and use that fresh water to make some oxygen around your base. you really don't need to worrier about power
Biffa - Your base is leaking Oxygen....

You opened up the large room with the Gas pump that was removing all your bad air.
That means that you now have an opening from that room all the way up the ladder shaft into the open space above your base.
expesholy the sitesskylines
hi biffa love the videos today 😁😀;-):-:-)

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