[OSRS] In-Depth 1-99 FARMING Guide (2018 Best Methods)

[OSRS] In-Depth 1-99 FARMING Guide (2018 Best Methods)

I DID IT! The last 99 guide! Thanks so much for all the support guys <3 Make sure to Subscribe for upcoming videos!
Thanks for this guide seerz very helpful
Love your other guides, but this is rushed and not helpful. Sorry, but disliked.
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wtf where are the levels? i came here to find out what i should plant at 50 farming but this entire video didnt answer the question
This guide is most informative for the player who has a good idea about farming and is looking for good methods. Not much help for the initial player that has no idea what to do. Good information though for those who know.
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Pretty shit guide mate you just talked about being 60 plus and the benefits on that . guide shite
Seers your guides are great and all but they don’t really talk about how to actually level up You rather talk about the skill itself more so which is usually not what people are looking for when they look up a 1-99 guide
Crap guides. If your new you'll be Googling more stuff than you did when you started.
Great video, as always. rns: ViviiDz
He's literally just reading the wiki over some gameplay and basic text. Shit tier guide.
Herd not erb
What are Magic Scepters? And do they stack with the 10% bonus from the Magic Secateurs?

Also, where is Kandarian? Is it close to Kandarin?
fsnk uyou
Love the guide man, rsn: KasumaKing
his guides really aren't that good.. No, i'm not being a hater. I'm 100% maxed in rs3 and working on maxing in osrs and his guides do not tell you what to do for each lvl, I'm starting farming on osrs and I literally gained nothing by watching this...

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