[OSRS] In-Depth 1-99 FARMING Guide (2018 Best Methods)

[OSRS] In-Depth 1-99 FARMING Guide (2018 Best Methods)

I DID IT! The last 99 guide! Thanks so much for all the support guys <3 Make sure to Subscribe for upcoming videos!
Love the vids keep it up
this video fucking sucks ?? where the guide?
it's SECATEURS ya dick
Guys I was just like you not knowing wtf is going on or what am I supposed to do. The first step is to plant something, it can be anything then everything else will come later. Use RuneLite it makes farming easier and way more enjoyable.
Bad guide, the start of this video should show for example "1-10 do this , 10-20 do this" titles next to every clip but instead of doing that (like every normal guide on utube ), u prefer showing quests rewards like recipe for disaster for 1k xp? like wtf man ,did you even do recipe for disaster?why would you even read it in the video for? if each quest is very hard and not rewarding like in farming then maybe u should consider skipping it instead of trying to look like you did a better research than other guides.
What the fuck kind of guide is this
You should have done the runs without cutting off i have no idea now.
rsn: Pilkio jr
I swear there were no good farming guides until.... yeah there's still no good ones
this guide is all over the place.
1 through 99 u asshole
RSN- Mrs Purp IV
All your guides are so helpful ! Thanks you for everything man ! My rsn is HairDoStu
Dude you are just all over the place with your guides. How the fuck do I get from level 1-99
Best farming guide on youtube, thank you very much Seerz. This is the first video of yours iv seen, liked and subscribed.
Shitty guide dude you explained alot of stuff nothing on how to get from lvl to lvl
Really disappointed in this guide, all over the place and unclear for new players.
isn't much of a guide, look up theoatrix his shits on point

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