[OSRS] In-Depth 1-99 FARMING Guide (2018 Best Methods)

[OSRS] In-Depth 1-99 FARMING Guide (2018 Best Methods)

I DID IT! The last 99 guide! Thanks so much for all the support guys <3 Make sure to Subscribe for upcoming videos!
Rsn: NephilimKos
feel like the guide is all over the place. and this guide doesnt help people who have no idea how to even start farming.
It’s pronounced ‘se-ka-tiers’ my man :D
thanks for the guide brother. Farming is the only skill I find overwhelming for some reason and you definitely helped me out. much love and peace. RSN: Snowxty
I love you seerz
rsn: tombghost
indepth my ass, didnt understand shit
one thing that really annoys me about your videos... when you say much instead of many, theres so MANY things, not so MUCH things smh
was going to start out farming aweseom vid :D rsn LeftHandLove
Do another
so what do i start at lvl 1 lol wheres the guide brackets
1-11, 11-21 etc.
Not rly a guide :(
i seriously hate how your quests say "no requirements" but i end up having to get a fucking quest cape before i can do it
if i just wana waste gp how much of each tree will i need 1-99 lol
This is by far your worst guide dude you fucking rushed through it and this wasn’t organized or informative at all
1.25 Speed sounds better than 1X xD
Dude, if you're gonna make a guide like this, tell us what teleports we need before you do the fucking run.
Worst guide I have ever seen. 9 minutes in and I haven’t learned a damn thing.

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