[OSRS] In-Depth 1-99 FARMING Guide (2018 Best Methods)

[OSRS] In-Depth 1-99 FARMING Guide (2018 Best Methods)

I DID IT! The last 99 guide! Thanks so much for all the support guys <3 Make sure to Subscribe for upcoming videos!
Dude you are just all over the place with your guides. How the fuck do I get from level 1-99
Best farming guide on youtube, thank you very much Seerz. This is the first video of yours iv seen, liked and subscribed.
Shitty guide dude you explained alot of stuff nothing on how to get from lvl to lvl
Really disappointed in this guide, all over the place and unclear for new players.
isn't much of a guide, look up theoatrix his shits on point
So seers... Would tithe farm be my best be to hunt pet?
Can you please do a guide where you guide us from 1 to lvl 99. Video was hard to follow and after it im still left with the question, how do i start leveling farming and how do i do the skill
"Alright, Starting out you want to pick the cactus in al kharid......YOU ARE GOING TO NEED 55 FARMING" wtf bro...i ant got 55 farming, thats why im fucking here.....
bro you barely explained anything fucking garbage
RSN is Kitchau <:

Your guides are fantastic!!
nice info, thanks
"You can use your herbs on the leprechaun to note them" you what?!? here i've been running around with my herb sack every time...
Thanks for this guide seerz very helpful
Love your other guides, but this is rushed and not helpful. Sorry, but disliked.
rsn: unaloon
wtf where are the levels? i came here to find out what i should plant at 50 farming but this entire video didnt answer the question
This guide is most informative for the player who has a good idea about farming and is looking for good methods. Not much help for the initial player that has no idea what to do. Good information though for those who know.
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