OSRS - Farming Guide - Tree Runs/Low Level Farming

OSRS - Farming Guide - Tree Runs/Low Level Farming

How much time does it take for them to grow? 15 minutes?
finally a good farming video
Saved me doing 'Enlightened Journey' quest which takes an hour so mate I know time is weed so one time you're in Auckland NZ i'll hook you up with a fat tinnie, chur
bless u
seriously this is excellent.
Finally someone physically shows how we will do it so simply. Thank you
way better route to the place by catherby is going upstairs in the great tree to the gnome glider guy and flying to the snow mountain and running south
great guide
great guide, thank you. only problem is your intro is straight up ear-rape and i can barely hear you talking in the actual vid
Best guide I've found, really good.
Good video
Best guide I've found. Thank you.
The volume on your intro, and the volume of the video tho..
Thanks man, this was really helpful :D
Great video, thank you. You need more views for this content, extremely clear and helpful compared to most farming guides
great guide still being put to use, ty
wait you can bring the payment as noted... WHY DIDN'T I KNOW THIS
thanks man great guide
really useful video man, thanks
yo how the fuck do you only have 65 views and 9 subs..... this vid was so professional

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