OSRS Farming Guide - Herbs - Runescape 2007 - Bonesaw

OSRS Farming Guide - Herbs - Runescape 2007 - Bonesaw

come back you piece of shit we miss u
Yo Nate wsup dude, havent spoke to you since 2009 FOE times. i recently named my son Nate with my only reference of the name being you lol, hope your good :)
cabbage patch teleport????
Didnt wear cape for increased harvest
Do you have to wear the magic secateurs or just have them in the inventory?
Can you use teletabs while on Lunars?
Yo man, I use magic secrateurs and super compest, yet I have never had more than 35 herbs from a single run (I have 5patches, I don't have the Zeah one) that's purely based on luck right?
seed dibbler, sweet
my arms big adventure. hour and a half? its like a 30 min max
how do i know when one of my plants get a disease or something(remotely)? like half a year ago osbuddy had a nice gadget for it, but it seems not to be working anymore. someone help please?
at 56 farming should i be doing ranarrs?
no super compost?
all u need is explore ring it teleports u right 2 cabbage
how did u get the trollheim teleports
are marigolds good for farming patches?
How are your herbs already clean after farming them
Also if you use skills necklace you can teleport to fishing guild for ardounge and mining guild for Falador (faster than draynor village).
For supercompost it's cheaper to make it with pineapples at the catherby compost bin. You put 15 pineapples in the bin  and close it then wait 60 minutes. You can teleport to Catherby last on your run and then do this after your pick your herbs
like #500 :) Thanks for the guide broham
Not gonna lie I only came here to check how to do trollheim herb patch.

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