[OSRS] Efficient herb and allotment farming run

[OSRS] Efficient herb and allotment farming run

Thanks for the vid, i took a break from RS and came back and im glad im updated with my runs now ty
So what about ultracompost?
Spam clicking doesn't work
Kourned house Tele tabs are nice too, very quick run. Excellent guide my friend.
Nice, subbed
I am never getting explorer ring 4
Is it worth using fertile soil on melons? How much does it boost minimum harvest by?
omg so much stuff needed for farming !!! x.x how did you turn you watermelons into notes?!
where to get rune pouch, farmers outfit, explorer's ring, and xeric's talisman.... ?
nice guide, however harmony tab is faster than mos le harmless
should i use supercompost on allotment patch or that would be a
waste of money?
Do I have to Equip the magic sec cuz I find that very inconvenient
Thanks for the guide broski!
No matter how many guides and reading I will never fucking understand how to do this skill
Just in case anyone missed it, but it's worth noting that in osrs you have to have the magic secateurs equipped while harvesting to get the benefit from it and higher farming level means higher harvest reason being the crops have lives and each time you harvest a herb there's a chance it loses 1 life and higher farming level reduces the chance of that happening. Crops have 3 lives and a normal compost gives a +1 life and supercompost +2 leading to 3, 4 or 5 minimum harvest respectively. Love the guide though! It's the reason why I actually got into farming in the first place :P
You need to complete my arms big adventure for the ladder and for the shortcut..fml.
Bruh, herb runs are so unpredictable. Pretty much 1 in 4 runs a lose money
I think a 100k for 11 min is not worth it, especially if u consider the stats and quests u need. I hoped farming would be more profitable.
Do you not add the watermelons to the compost bin to make supercompost out of them? Im not high enough magic so.. or is that considered a waste of time?

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