OSRS Black Dragons Guide

OSRS Black Dragons Guide

This dude gives me anxiety when he speaks. Loved the guide tho
Why does everyone say taverly wrong. It's not tayve Orly.
great guide bro👌🏻
Whats your recommended range lvl for this?
Is this safe from pkrs? Lol
u mean 2kills/hr?
Call me a whacko, but I think that if you're recording your game play, it increases the chance of you getting a rare drop.
How fat are you? Jesus Christ dude get some cardio in, you can't even breathe.
"Saul-men" lol
2m a hour my ass
It's 150-300k/hr
start section just to give you a unlike.
lol maybe (uhm) write (inhales) a (exhales)script (uhm) next (uhhh) time
lol its funny how better at making videos youve gotten over the years
thx for the vid
the only people who sound like this are a smoker, a fat person, or someone who just came back from the gym
good vid
fucking mouth breather
tutuut :) how sweet
its my favourite when youtubers say check the description below for something and it's not there.

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