OSRS Black Dragons Guide

OSRS Black Dragons Guide

Call me a whacko, but I think that if you're recording your game play, it increases the chance of you getting a rare drop.
How fat are you? Jesus Christ dude get some cardio in, you can't even breathe.
"Saul-men" lol
2m a hour my ass
It's 150-300k/hr
start section just to give you a unlike.
lol maybe (uhm) write (inhales) a (exhales)script (uhm) next (uhhh) time
lol its funny how better at making videos youve gotten over the years
thx for the vid
the only people who sound like this are a smoker, a fat person, or someone who just came back from the gym
good vid
fucking mouth breather
tutuut :) how sweet
its my favourite when youtubers say check the description below for something and it's not there.
Use jug of wine as food if you using ranged :P Cheap, and give 12 hp
does this still work?
2m per hour .. l00l its less than a 1m per hour
lol 2m x 1h LMFAO
lol 2m x 1h LMFAO

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