Organic Vegetable Farming with Shillingford Organics

Organic Vegetable Farming with Shillingford Organics

People you know the FDA is changing laws and making it against the law to grow vegetables in the yard I think it's already in some counties in California and guess who is the first and second most vegetables are grown in Florida and California so it will be here. Our government does not want you help I know have a hundred and fifty or a hundred and 51 reasons why you should go along with their stuff so you could be safe and happy. Gary null knows this is true doesn't he it's so much BS y'all be able to grow organic vegetables right in the middle of the every FDA office America. Don't believe me
Since the making of this video Shillingford Organics has an Online Farm Shop so now we have another way of getting our produce to local customers.
Just as a matter of interest have to tried growing by hydrophonics without the use of soil just water, it might not work with all things but might with some, i have just started my A level in sustainable agriculture and this procedure you can do in the city aswell as in the country, i don't know, just a suggestion.
Why not try growing your own :)
very cool:)
Delicious fresh cabbages in your field good farmers
Thank you Sergey, do have a look at the others, they are all much shorter ones :)
Very good video. Thank you from Russia! :-)
Many thanks :)
Being a farmer is very hard and demanding work, if you really want to become a farmer why not try volunteering on a farm near you or at the very least visiting farms to see what is involved. There are many dimensions to farming so it would much depend on what type of farming you would like to do :) Good luck
Use the internet to find out where your nearest organic producer is located :)
We have won the Devon Life Food & Drink Awards 2012 'Best Producer of the Year' and we are over the moon:) Well done to all the Shillingford Organics Team for all the massive amounts of hard work :)
Please feel free to contact us through our website shillingfordorganics we would love to hear from you:)
I would be interested in finding out about your project.
That is refreshing to hear brymche, it is a wonderful way to farm organically, good luck and who knows we may be liking your videos one day :)
This looks great. We are interested in touching base with Organic Farmers across the world for our new project which will aid growth of the sustainable agriculture business.
It will take time but I am sure we will get close to it one day :)
That is great! I wish you really well and am sure you will inspire others to do the same. When we travel up through England to Scotland, I am saddened to see so much set-aside, which looks more like abandoned, farmland. I hardly ever see any farm animals. You are doing such a fantastic job to get true farming and horticulture back to the land, where it belongs. Buying locally and directly is the way to go and people are finally starting to care more about food and health than clothes and cars!
Thank you so much kevinisca1 :)

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