Oregon Town For Sale | Amazing Tiller, Oregon

Oregon Town For Sale | Amazing Tiller, Oregon

the pacific northwest is the emerald jewel of north america
is this another CULT/SCAM?
I had a man at my register yesterday who lives there and told me it was bought by Chinese interests who are going to put in a huge destination park of some kind. I hope that isn't' true, but if it is, there goes another beautiful piece of Oregon to communist foreign interests. I am so sad. I spent so much of my childhood at Ernie and Gracie's house and garden behind the tavern. What a shame all that beauty is gone forever.
Did they ever sell this town? Gosh, this makes me so sad to watch.

I hope a conservationist obtained the land.
I grew up here also, good memories and bad wasnt better or worse than anyplace else its more rundown now much like the entire country sad to say. I wish we strived to be a better people everywhere instead of saying i wish things didn't change the way they did
Who produced this video and did the VO work please? It's outstanding and I am interested in possible collaboration.
Holy shit, an unincorporated piece of land. If someone bought that land and kept it unincorporated, that right there could be a new free country. Yes, small, but federal and state government could have NO control over the people on that property since it's not incorporated.
no mistake , Sam Elliot, bad ass..
Oh, what would I do for superior credit!
way amına goyum tam beton yığmalık, dedi sığır adam
Take a check? I'm short on cash...
My grandparents homesteaded close to there. Some of the happiest times of my life were spent in the mountains and streams around Tiller.
What's that accent from?
how much.
Schitt's Creek? ;-}
Great Video. I've heard this song before. I can't remember where. Does anybody know?
if i had the 4 million i'd love to buy this rural area town "tiller oregon"
Ok being serious it's up for 4 million I think ? Is that price fixed or open to offers ?
It makes you wonder who the town went bankrupt to, who now owns the lean and is trying to sell it off. Could be the state of Oregon or perhaps Chase bank. Oregon has been selling off state owned lands lately because it's budgets are way under water. But banks normally hang onto land until inflation due to their money printing allows them to exit properties at a "profit".

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