Oregon Cattle Ranches For Sale - Gutierrez Ranch

Oregon Cattle Ranches For Sale - Gutierrez Ranch

The ranch sold in September of 2014 for $14.4 million.
what is the list prize for this property
Awsome place .can I have a job there. I can move over there very quickly
My great buddy is also a Winebarger whom just visited the property. From what I hear, it's a beautiful place to be.
This ranch is within an hour of our Bend office. It may not look like it has much potential for trout but the area has fantastic potential for trout fishery development. It straddles two geologic provinces of high lava plains and basin & range geology. One provides sterile cold water; the other delivers nutrient rich water. Add that water chemisry to the intense sunlight and trophy trout can result from quality design/management. There is a famous private fishery within an hour from here.

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