Ooh Look! Baby Guinea Pigs!

Ooh Look! Baby Guinea Pigs!

So cute
Love the sounds they make
Always loved Guinea pigs, but they are smelly for indoors Rent they? X
Adorable ❤💗💕😊
OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOOSH .. mah heart 😍😍😍😂🐹
😩😩😍😍😫😫 so cutteee!!!!!
I imagine you were right so I got some and now I have 5 because they do well with friends and they are to adorable to only have 2! Lol!
I think all your animals are as equally sweet, but that’s just my own opinion
I think all your animals are as equally sweet, but that’s just my opinion
"I'm sure holding baby guinea pigs is good for people..." Yes. Yes it is. As baby guinea pigs don't stay babies very long, I hold my adult guinea pig daily, it is very good for me.
“He is the mom.”
I'd love to visit, love from Malaysia
Nothing beats baby rabbits though.
They are Beautiful and I love your Videos. I just happened to find your channel and I think the person narrating has one of the kindest hearts I can ever Imagine! By the way, I'm from n.y.c. and wish dearly I could live there with you Guys! Blessings to you!
Cute 🙂
So sweet a what a blessing 💖
Too cute!
Pleaseee! I'm tinny as a Guinea pig...adopt meeee. btw, I just to have one :( miss him so much
oh they are adorable and they squeak how do you get any work done :p

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