One way to Harvest and Reuse Yeast for homebrewing.

One way to Harvest and Reuse Yeast for homebrewing.

Save 5 or 6 bucks.. Ended video
Like your videos, but suggest loosing the music.
Phish for the win, as always. My wife got us a sweet stir plate and flask for Christmas this year. It's swirling away on some water now, fun just to watch the vortex and hear the little stir bar rattling. Ready to start harvesting, and reusing yeast!!
you had me at "pink fukin floyd" baby
Careful with that axe, Trey. great vids. brew on.
Liked instantly because of Pink Floyd B)
I really like the idea of harvesting the yeast and re-using it. Do I need to just use the yeast from the batch I harvest in another batch of the same beer; so I need to use it on something similar; or does it matter? Seems that all the different recipes I have used were very specific about which yeast to use that recipe.
By how long it can wait in your fridge???... I leave one for a week and now I hope it will work for my fermentation ( I hope )...
Awesome video man, I've just built a stir plate and am starting culturing my yeast, Cheers mate 🍻 🍺 🍻
Hey Don, do you boil the water and cool it before you put it in the fermentor to loosen the yeast? Thx.
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that flaming lips show was good!
Hey Don, great video. How do you determine how much of the harvested yeast to throw in your new batch of beer? Is it possible to overdue it, or can you just toss it all in?
I think theres been a few bloggers show that rinsing doesnt help yeast count.
Just divide , reinvigorate and repitch with more vigorous results.
Use the reining beer liquid to slurry the cake, . Divide appropriately for re-pitching. Done!
I do this all the time. I'll do a pale, collect the yeast then do like a double IPA since the yeast requirement is more on it. Works every time and you don't have to get a starter going. I wont reuse the yeast after doing a big beer like a DIPA.  I've kept a singe Safle 05 pack going for 4 re-pitches before lol. Thats some savings and it produced great brew.
Love this man( In my brother from another mother voice).  If I am ever in Minnesota.  I will send you a message.  I would Love to sit down with you and Chip.  Happy brewing, Brother...
doh! My first comment (that I deleted) was 
"Is that Dead or is that Phish .. can't tell"
which I thought sounded a bit stoopid
still .. it works for me !
is that Dead in the background :-) ?
I'm new to brewing but if I wanted to simply add wort (from a new batch) to the now empty carboy (4:32) with yeast still on the bottom could I do this instead of pitching yeast in the new wort?

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