Clark Harris Womens Jersey  One Way Poor People Can Buy Land With No Money

One Way Poor People Can Buy Land With No Money

With no money lol
8 to 10. No. 4 to 6. Max
I love your videos Becky. You are amazing. Thank you
She is lieing threw her teeth
Save save save, then look look look... It took me 5 years to save 30 grand and paid cash for a bank repossession. 17.5 acres, pond, 1100 sq foot 3 bed/2 baths. Then I saved another 10 grand for a 30×12 shed. Wow uts been 6 years now. Thanks Becky for thos realization. Great info you strong women. I'm making my second chicken coop. Lolol rocking the homestead life. Anyone can do this with the right advice and patience. Very nice Becky
Chevelle, very good point. What idiot would go to a page like this, watch and learn the techniques Becky is teaching, and then badmouth her by giving a negative view of it? Damn. Thank you Becky
You want a slight gradient for natural drainage
This is what I've been looking for.
i've offered to share acreage in hawai'i for several years; ownership for farmsteading...there's been no interest. not surprising with welfare giving away food; but i'm more dismayed knowing that after i do it all by myself...only then will others suddenly want to "help".
Uh... its not really free land but thanx anyways.
8-12% ?!?!?!? I dont get the no money part? Convinvce some sap to not require a down payment and take you on the outrageous interest rates? yikes!
Hi Becky are you tried of being alone ? 😎
nice video. you are good looking. i like women with some fluff.
I love this lady! I feel like she's hilarious in real life, and she's trying to be serious in this video.
I wish they had that kind of deals in Wisc. ,, I haven't found anything of the sort. But love your info, it makes me want to get my own land and home even more.
This is very misleading
Really excellent advice. Before you buy also check to make sure that the person you talk to and buy the property from is the owner listed according to the county website.
If water is not available you can use a metal roof and do water collection.
If sewer not available you can try a composting toilet or septic tank.
If electric is not available you can use solar panels😀
You say how to buy property with no money . then say you save and use your tax reture
U please help us we are poor indian family
Glad i just found your channel today!Subbed!

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