Clark Harris Womens Jersey  One Way Poor People Can Buy Land With No Money

One Way Poor People Can Buy Land With No Money

Luck must factor in. The world is too populated for this to be very easy or common. Land isn't just sitting there unused anymore, and people shouldn't occupy every possible acre at the expense of wildlife.
Wow. Best no B S video on the subject. Thanks 🙏
Great information, thanks a lot. Great 👍
Thank you for the valuable information. It's easy to listen to you.
I did this 10 years ago - I was the owner financing the purchase. It's been a NIGHTMARE. I'd never do it again & STRONGLY recommend AGAINST it to anybody who has land/property for sale. Sorry to rain on your parade.
Nice big ole titties big😋
How about getting an education, making something out of your life, be career oriented and actually pay for a home. No more handouts!
She is real life Sheila from shameless
How many times can I push the like button Becky thank you soooo much I'm abt to retire kids all grown now it's my time!!! Tired of the city and I want to grown and eat off my land. A big thumbs up👍👍👍👏👏👏
Props to you great video!
Two Kids but not One Penny ..Uh'huh. yet you paid a down payment for 3 Acres. I'm still not sure how to buy land with no money
Ohhhh Becky u r a sweetheart n u r living in the Paradise in the best ways.. love from India
Praise God! This is what I needed! I'm a single mom of four & work 2 jobs just to make it in Denver.
If you have no money how are you going to have the money to set up and maintain a homestead? Becky you are so full of shit!
You remind me of Sheila from Shameless. Voice and mannerisms! (Helpful video btw, appreciate it)
Step one get a job u crackheads
Daaaang BEcky! Where have you been all my life!!!
Did I miss something?......
Love that video 💖 and love that story!!

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