One of These Days - Neil Young - Harvest Moon

One of These Days - Neil Young - Harvest Moon

I'm sure if Neil decides to make a Harvest 3 he won't let us down . This album is certainly up with his best.
I have been so fortunate to have the greatest friends ever. Some have been around so long that I consider them family. Others I have met during my journey in life. Some have stayed around,some have moved on. But I'm so grateful that each and every one became a part of my life . One these days
Have a good journey y’all
Since I can remember, I've listened to Neil Young because of my foster parents who raised me like their own.
My Dad passed away 2 years ago December 12, 2016.
I miss him everyday.
Today, listening to this song was the first time I have cried in months, for a year on my hour way to work I would cry every night listening to this, until I remembered who he was.. he was the person that would tell you to better not cry when they leave, but smile at the good times.
"You just have to laugh, or you'll go crazy" -Chris Webster & Nina Gerber
The last concert we went to together.
We played "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" performed by them at his celebration of life as well.
I really miss you Dad, you were one of a kind, and I'm not crying sad tears, just happy I miss you tears.
Every once in a great while an artist find the perfect way to help the rest of us express those complicated or just overwhelming feelings. You nailed it Neil! You nailed it.
This song along with the album will forever make me think of my daddy.
Neil this is a fantastic song buddy, I'm Guna thank you in my letter.
Anyone think it's odd that Neil had the harvest album,but the song harvest isn't on it? Plus he had the album harvest and then harvest moon? I mean they're both great,but I think Neil had a farmer fantasy going on.
Love Neil. My day is complete listening to his music ♥️
Meals first album will always be my favorite but I love them all.
oha 4 oclock'un sözlerini yazmıştım karşıma bu şarkı çıktı,
yine Bangtan sayesinde muhteşem şeylere erişiyorum, abi bilmeden nasıl yaptınız gkosdşdlişççeçşfsdfs
We need to change the world man
Our old, true friend, Neil Young.
Excellent classic Neil.
Made this old man cry.....
Love you Neil. so much...
Most of My Friends are from LU MA HD ,
thank you Neil for all the great songs and memories it reminds me of. dear friend lost too soon no
he looks like I feel about saying SORRY to them,...fuck them. they will nevereverer ever make it up to our boot straps
i come here to cry regulary 'cause my life sucks. n' music is the only thing that can stop me to suicide.

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