One of Britain's heaviest loads travels around Preston

One of Britain's heaviest loads travels around Preston

Super Grid Transformer!
@mrhh2010 the operative words here being "one of" both ALE and alleys have moved bigger and heavier before
what about when ALE moved 4 transformers into penwortham about 6 years ago, same job and weight, all hype for the media to make em look good
Great video of the beast. The ballast tractors and girder frame trailer with transformer travelled up from Staffordshire to Ellesmere Port by road. The complete set then rolled on to the heavy lift barge Terra Marique for the trip to Preston. It was then rolled off onto the bank of the Ribble for the trip to the sub station. Series transformer = 271T, girder frame trailer =163T and one ballast tractor =45T. Shunt transformer that will follow = 267T. The 2 transformers make up the quad booster

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