Old School Runescape 2007 :: ULTIMATE Farming Guide - Tree Run

Old School Runescape 2007 :: ULTIMATE Farming Guide - Tree Run

should i spend 50k on ten cactus spines or should i just use ultra compost for my yew trees ? :))) help please
feels wierd taking farming advice from someone whos lvl 30 farming xD
Ok, I'm confused. Was there no GE when you made this video?
so helpful thank you for this
great guide, but im missing something, what do you do with the fruits from the fruit tree? how and when do you bank them? you said its nice to keep them for some money
So weird watching this guide and hearing my own song in the background!
how long does it take for these to grow? im doing willlow and banana
I really needed to get into farming but never wanted to, I watch so many guides and still didn't want to do it. This is the guide that set me to it, just did my first ever farm run in OSRS. Level 58 farming without doing a single run. Now I can get that 68 for my Varrock hard diary. It ain't that hard or annoying as I expected it to be, great guide, you got me to do farming. Thanks so much!
Excellent guide! Thank you!
Thanks, this really helped me out.
does the timing required for the trees to grow i.e 280 minutes, need to be time in game or does it grow when youre offline too?
so 5 hours for Trees and 16 hours for Fruit trees?? un till they are done.. is that it?
You have helped a newb farmer. YOU ROCK.
If i just do this, how long will 20-45 farming take?
Do I need to add compost to the tree after I plant it?
nice and clear video, better than other videos on farming by a long shot :)
thank you so much for this, perfect guide for beginning farmers like me keep em coming
much appreciated

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