Old School RS - The Ultimate Herb Farming Guide! (1M in 60 Minutes of Gameplay)

Old School RS - The Ultimate Herb Farming Guide! (1M in 60 Minutes of Gameplay)

you do not make 1m per hour. it takes 80 mins for the crops to grow in one run. so with your math its 60k per 85 min trip.
great tutorial!
Do cacti aswell
If you pay the farmer to watch over your crops, you won't need water nor compost
the title is misleading
The best guide on farming. Thank you!! All the other guide sucks! THANK YOU!

Thumbs up from here :D
u need a spade to make trees tho ;p
You should farm Sweetcorns with a scarecrow as well, 3 seeds = 300-500gp average say 10 sweetcorn from 3 seeds = 2,500-5,000 (depending on price) I usually get 100 sweetcorn a run so 25,000 to 50,000 from spending 2,400-3,500gp.
Means my farm runs are always above 100k profit.
god populous I loved that game
Good video, thank you! Don't worry about the degenerates repeating themselves.
You should have just used real time in your tutorial... Call it the 'lazy method' or something. Say '60 minutes of farming', perhaps. We do more than just farm and log off...

1m in 12 hours isn't glamorous, let me tell you. But 1m with very low amounts of effort sounds nicer....
you're not making 1m per hour.. you aren't accounting for the 80 minutes it takes for the herbs to grow, so technically you are only making 68k per hour.
The dutch accent hahahaha
The 1m per hour is bullshit... You can't do more than one trip per 80 minutes...
wow bedankt man jongen help echt nu snapik farmin pas echt en nl_nLghtmare ls je wilt kan je me toe voegen oprunescape
sorry for me being stupid i may of misread but if it takes 80 mins to fully grow a ranarr how can u make 1080k an hour?
Also how did you make it so your herbs were clean when you harvested them, I have to clean them myself.
Can you also use ardy cape 2 for the tele and the explorer ring for the cabbage port. It saves alot of time.
is this kid dumb? how is it possible to do 12 runs in 1 hour when it takes over an hour to fully grow the ranarrs?

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