Old school ASMR: Stereo Whispering, Hair Brushing, Tapping

Old school ASMR: Stereo Whispering, Hair Brushing, Tapping

I love your asmr video's. Can you do another one like this it really calms me down when I have a tough time at school! By the way I liked and subscribed! 😉
for me its 2018 agosto 10
You're gifted. A healer.
My specs < I like you >
where are you?
Now I'm new to these vids, but am I to understand that their is two soundtracks to enjoy? The above and below?
I can see that your having trouble, dear. I hope you feel better soon. Ironic that your blogs help others get to sleep yet you're having trouble. My thoughts are with you.
This is one of her better videos
Are you half British? What's that accent of yours? It's gorgeous
Yooo you are the definition of a medical marijuana patient; if only you were in the states :(. Non stop sleep for sureeee.
I love how your lips sound when you talk 👌🏽😍😍😍
these videos have helped me through the most difficult parts of my life thank you and i love you Pigsbum53 ASMR NIGGAZ
You actually took the time to cut out annoying sounds in an ASMR video? You're fucking awesome.
I hope you're feeling well:)....love the vids....,TY
you've a really cute nose. 
Shite! I was on Trazadone for a while... try Seroquel/quetiapine. It helped my insomnia immensely, and with no side effects or addictions.
Holy tingles Batman! Haven't had tingles like this in a while! Thanks Nicole! :) :) :)
Very basic asmr to bad it didn't stay that way. Awesome video!
Weed and pot is a good way to help sleeping too, that's why it's legal in some countries now

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