Northern California in fire!!! 160000 acres of land burned & 23 deaths!!!

Northern California in fire!!! 160000 acres of land burned & 23 deaths!!!

Notice how quiet the lying Media is on this issue.. They not even talking about this issue anymore. Shalom israelites brother.
My books says whomever call upon the name of the true God will be saved.If bw are smart they had better stay far away from bm .No one has allowed satan a foot in the door like the bm.Thats why they are being killed.Bw ahd better shut up and get away from the bm.The book say TMH daughters will be forgiven because the men have gone astray.So dammmmm to the bm also.
why i feel like u from philly ?
Nigga Please! Sho Nuff! Dude you are awesome! And speaking from the heart! I got to subscribe!
America sucks and should burn. It's not a Christian country as they claim. It's ran by sodomites.
I hope the gay and lesbo community suffers; for they have turned this country into Sodom and G. Hope all liberals burn. Perhaps this is the answer for same sex marriage.
Speaking of raising our vibration, these two songs certainly does it for me. The first song is, I LOVE THE LORD HE HEARD MY CRY by the late Whitney Houston and the second one is an old battle cry song by Shirley Caesar titled, SATAN WE'RE GONNA TEAR YOUR KINGDOM DOWN. These songs are meant to edify you so interpret them in a way that best suits you and your level of understanding. One Love Family.
Burn baby burn! Disco inferno!
Burn baby burn! Burn that mama down
Those wine vinyard and multi million dollar homes burned to hell, the most high Hamasiach don't play.
The way these flames are burning and tearing through shit, the only thing that's going to be left is the clouds in the sky..
These Flames ain't going no Damn where no time soon!!
may these devils empire fall
"I can't breath, I can't breath". K-A-R-M-A ... RIP Bro. Eric Garner.
I was just saying this week how much Cali is burning and a thought crept up in my mind...they do everything to kill us, ruin us and look what’s happening to them...from them performing mass shootings in themselves, to drug overdoses to disasters like the wildfires...The Most High’s vengeance is here
don't forget the big earthquake that's suppose to place California underwater.
Oh yeah its real bad! I hear the firefighters cant keep up with or run fast enough to put out the flames. Crazy how so many are missing
Look at who is dying off my brothers and's not you and it's not your property......
I live in Southern California, and I believe those White Devils are going to set Southern California on fire next.
Judgement on America is finally here and the real hell hasn't even gotten started yet.

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