No Dig Potatoes from seed to harvest

No Dig Potatoes from seed to harvest

Looks great. What do you do about “critters”? I have to fight squirrels, possums, and raccoons that dig up the potatoes I plant before they can grow.
by leaving the soil underneath undisturbed, ,,im convinced the soil was able to convert itself better to a very balanced soil and i am Thrilled to have found this video, It makes me think about the soil under the compost bin,,,, That becomes the Richest most Amazing soil,, we dig it out about every 2 years and keep it as Very special compost, that was so easy,, ,,, i will have to see how he does carrots, Thank you for this video
Hello.. I'm in Ireland and wanting to try planting potatoes and other veg but my compost is not ready so what type of bag of compost is recommended for this? I really enjoy watching your channel.. Mick
Great informative video! Thank you for posting such a thorough explanation! :)
Are you harvesting around the start of autumn? Just wondering when to ensure there is enough water in the soil.
I always heard u let the plant die back then harvest????. So u can't eat a potato with green on it?
"Blow me down, there's a potato I missed" Sounds like Caribbean privateer speak, of course most of them were Englishmen :) Good video, thanks Charles.
?? did you just DIG a hole then to put the potatoes in ?
surely NO DIG would be laying them just on top ?
Good I don't know how much you like it so you good cantanow
A very informative video. I'm new to growing potatoes and still have much to learn. Still not sure about early, mid-season, and late varieties. Your video really helps a lot. Good luck in your endeavors. Thank you, and I hope you can make more vids.
Amigo, que bonito es tu huerto, y que hermosas tus papas te felicito, yo planté dos en un tiesto como experimento (por ser la primera vez) y ya están creciendo muy bien las plantitas, espero que se me logren 👍👍
Omg if I dug like that into my plants I'd pull my arms out covered in spiders 🕷🕸🕷🕸
My teacher. When you got hervest potato .did you add potassium and left for 5 weeks.
it s worth while trying... thank You...
Thankyou for sharing your gardening tips.👍☺, number 11 is Potato's, the things you eat the most you must grow yourself...
انا من العراق وااشكر جهودك على هذا المجهود
I haven't finished the video yet but do you compost potato leaves being as they're highly poisonous?
Hi Charles, I have just discovered your videos on YouTube and I am most inspired,I have an allotment and in a few weeks time I will be planting potatoes using your no dig method but I have a question do I cover the first shoots that appear with compost or do I leave them to grow
Real food,love it.

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