Newborn Guinea Pigs

Newborn Guinea Pigs

Ahhhh my cuzes
Truly liked the video. :D
why not get bigger cnc cages for them that will help out alot
omg they are so cuite
who ever disliked this I’m going to cut your fucking neck! They are too cute to dislike!
Guinea pigs are my all time favorite animal I have 6
Wow 7 of them
Best pets ever.
Random baby guinea pig noises

Just how small they are makes it more cuter.
Awwww so cute
Fun fact! If you touch a guinie pigs babies after they are born they won't recognize the smell of there babies anymore and will eat the babies
Omg so cute 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
My baby guinea pigs are squeaking to them 😂💛
I remember when my Guinea pig had babies, not only are they cute but they weigh so little. These guys are mostly fur. Lol. With my make and female, the female was more dominant too, the male was very passive.
If I was to breed guinea pigs, how old should the Female be because I’ve heard they can get pregnant very soon and it can kill the female so when do you recommend breeding??
Awww theres a heart on ones booty

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