Clark Harris Womens Jersey  Newborn Guinea Pigs

Newborn Guinea Pigs

That had ❤️on its butt
they are SOO cute!
It’s sad that I don’t have a baby guinea pig

Turns out i have a grown ass guinea pig with wrinkles all over her ass
Yan ba si ichey
Oh my gosh they’re all sooo cute! I just my two guinea pigs and I love them.
It is normal for females who are both pregnant especially when it's the same man to argue a bit because they want because they both want ownership of the man and they both had babies and a bit jealous of each other's kids. So just remember this is normal you just need a bigger cage. And I mean much bigger.
If you are having a problem with dominance my advices first give them a break from each other and let them meet their babies and settle Lynn then when they are ready to map to know each other separate them from the babies but make sure they are not worried about where their babies are and just a happy then put the two together in a very big area. It must be a very big area and you must keep them together for at least two hours. Even if they start fighting inviting leave them in there unless there is any blood leave them in there like that and do not touch them or put your hand in as they may get stress and think that you're another guinea pig and that you want to attack just leave them you should watch them but don't intervene unless there is blood. Lisa like this until we are happy together of course there will always be a dominant female bossy female the one who wants to be a leader and you shouldn't let that happen as they cannot be equals that is not how a guinea pig heard works.
I have 2 very cute guinea pigs called charcoal and cinnamon, and they never stop eating
I does not likes pups
Aww lucky I can’t even get one gunie pig
Anyone else notice the one had a black love heart shape patch on its back 💙💖
First, aweeee one of them has a heart on its but. But second. Is that the home that you keep them in? Because that is way too small for them
I thought they would be naked pink things
My heart is bursting becuase of how stinking cute those babies are😍💕😭 I just love piggies!!
sees the father

He's a copy of my Sliver (which is what I named my guinea pig)
yeah THIS is it. THIS is the video. the best one. i’ve found it. thank you
Me encantan tus puerquitos!!! Too cute

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