Newborn Guinea Pigs

Newborn Guinea Pigs

I NEED ONE!!😂😂😂I have a pig she looks like this 🐹
Aww that one has a heart on its but
You speak Spanish too yay I also speak Spanish
You need to keep the Mom with the babies so they can drink milke
Doez anyone see the heart butted guinea pig
Human babies are so pathetic and useless compared to these guys hahahaha
wow they are sooooooo cute
they are really fluffy and cute
Guinea pigs are amazing pets, but 'smart' is not a word I'd use to describe them.
BTW!! Cute Guinea pigs!! And thanks for sharing
I know why they fight BECAUSE THE "CAGE" WAS ALREADY TOO SMALL FOR 7 GUINEA PIGS and when the other female gave birth the older female rejected them and the new mom was just fighting for her babies the small cage was barely enough for 2 guinea pigs so you were just asking for a fight by not expanding the cage
Did you intentionally breed them? Breeding is very dangerous for guinea pigs... Also if you are planning to keep them all you are going to need a huge cage...
The one that u were touching looks just like my one when he was a baby but he still looks like hom
I like the one with the black heart🖤 on the back👍🏻
un buen picante de cuy.
What breed is your dog?
Oh my gooosh!! They're so tiny 😭😭and noisey 💗

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