New Zealand dairy farming 2011

New Zealand dairy farming 2011

That's de best set up I ever seen
Dit bedrijf staat te koop voor en mooi prijsje zag het toevallig op internet staan herkende het drekt toen ik je filmpje zag.
nice vid M8!
Amazing!!!!!!! I have friend lived in Keri Keri New Zealand :)
canada farm totally different.
It's amazing to see that New Zealand resembles Canada.
New Zealand HAD the cleanest drinking water. Doc and AHB have just finshed spreading 1080 poison over 55,000 hectares in the Te Urewera - at 2kg per hectare, that's 110,000kg of poison and bait that will end up in our water ways. given the dairy industry is worth $9 billion to NZ - dairy farmers need to stop DoC and AHB from this environmentally hideous practice. See and for more evidence.
The other thing is when you see stuff like that in tv, you get chocked and angry. the television guys know that, thats why they show it, it makes feelings. and people would rather look at the two bad farms, than the ten who makes a great job. hope it helped you. Take care. Regards Marc Reseke, Denmark.
New Zealand have some of the clearest drinking water in the world! and uses allot of resources to keep it that way. The milk is tested, as soon as it hit the milk factory. If anything poisoned or anything wrong appears to happen, the milk is wasted. The problem is, people who spray chemicals destroy the image and reputation for so many others. Its a problem, Yes I agree but its a very small part who dose it. Its not making it right but, dont through stuff after the good guys!..
cross Jersey and friesian. Very nice working with.
what kind of breeding program were they using?
verry 2 nice cows
sorry champ, I haven´t seen your text before now. My bad. New Zealand is Amazing, the best country ever! ..
veoma lepo
Great video, I wonder where and how you worked the farm, because I am going to NZ in August and intend to work on dairy farms as well. if possible add me on facebook Marcelo Lottermann Laabs, thank you

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