Neil Young - Words (Live at Red Rocks, 2000)

Neil Young - Words (Live at Red Rocks, 2000)

Thanks for this masterpiece.
Neil Young is a fucking genious!
Simplement génial........
Der Chor ist nicht ganz so gut und eine Steel-Gitarre sollte besser nie erfunden worden sein. Sie macht die Musik klebrig und seicht. Davon ab ist es natürlich Neil Young und wunderbar gut. Er begleitet mich mein ganzes Leben, angefangen mit After the goldrush, Harvest, hin zu American stars 'n' Bars ...ach, guter Neil Young, ach. Wie schön Du spielst!
Un diamant brut ! Une pure merveille ! Merci.
It is practically a sin to have the luxury of being able to sit here and watch Neil Young give us his very best for literally nothing. This is most definitely one of his best songs with out Crazy Horse. Thank you so much Neil, you truly are a Master!
Born to rock
unbelievable rhythm section in this one probably the best version
Cada version que escucho llega un poco mas profundo .... seria una de las canciones que pondria en mi funeral
i love how gets into his own trance, rock on neil
That drummer!!! Love the song!
See the show in 2008 in Montréal
Sad song but a masterpiece
oh wa ho!
I was at the Coors Amphitheatre in Chula Vista, California to see this tour, about 5 days after this recording. I will always remember it. Beck was the opener, the guy who wrote the song "Loser". He was okay, but Neil and the rest of the folks put on a terrific show. I also recall buying a bag of fake mushrooms, but I'm glad, because I wouldn't remember the show as well otherwise.
Neil Young+Words =rock heaven.What a great it.Thanks for uploading!
Holy f* shit. Just discovered this song. My mind is blowing up for Christ sake!
I was working there that night GREAT Show but we all got soaked lol his sister is hot lol
Want this at my funeral.

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