Neil Young - Out on the weekend ( Harvest )

Neil Young - Out on the weekend ( Harvest )

Excellent - and a good shade of blue too
Back when music was great
She's so fine, she's in my mind. ♫
We learn from society to step out with our masks on.  These are the masks of ego and invulnerability ie God....and many artists do this to an even higher degree. Neil takes it off and lays his soul bare , and you see that THAT is channeling something divine.  
Undoubtedly one of the best cuts on "Harvest". Neil expresses emotions in his lyrics as well as any song writer. I have been following his career since "Buffalo Springfield's" first album in 1967. Consistently he writes great songs about life, loss at romance, and allot of other topics. No wonder his success has spanned five decades. 
This song couldn't be more perfect.
I hung out with the guy I first fell in love with for the last time before he went to college, and he played this song. Anytime I listen to it now, his voice replaces Neil Young's...and I can't quite explain it, but while he played it on guitar, I saw a part of him come out that I thought had died long ago. It will forever be a reminder of what we had. If a song can achieve that sort of effect, it's a masterpiece. Well done. :)
Seriously the emotion through Neil's vocals. You can feel his pain and depression. Heartbreak is tough...
Always heard this on vinyl. Not sure if the sound is that good. ... as if the digital-alise were analysing each bit before registering it out into music.
Brilliant song from "The Harvest Album" 1972. Neil had broken up with his wife Susan and had a short term relationship with Carrie Snodgress and one child Zack. Neil's love lost songs are always good.
I really needed to hear this song in my life right now
I was very young when a good friend of mine died of bloodcancer. The day of his burial I listened to Neil Young's 'Only love can break your heart'. I'm 48 now and when I listen to that song, it still has the same effect on me as way back.What does that say about his music ?
He's inspired a lot of music. Check out this tune for example: watch?v=RY6bCAtpdcM
Great to hear young people catching fire with Neil Young. He is a staple in many-a music diet. One of my favorite albums is "On the Beach".
God how i wish i could turn time back.
I love you.
Holden Caulfield is that you?
Great music, horrible politics.
oh they make me look up!
este homem e o meu deus musical

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