Neil Young Old Man / CSNY Almost Cut My Hair Live 1974

Neil Young Old Man / CSNY Almost Cut My Hair Live 1974

Old man is one of his finest songs.
Awesome !!!
Cool so Cool
It's well-documented that there used to be contention and occasionally on-stage duels between Stills and Young. Personalities came in to it, the influence of of drink, who had the biggest stage presence and, of course, who was playing the best stuff. Here, in 'Almost Cut My Hair', it's almost tangible; the musical equivalent of coming to blows you might say! Who do other posters think comes out on top?
La vejez es la única enfermedad que haya cura ryland poeta periferico
Incredibly good.
this song has so deep meaning ...always love ur parents even they are them
Stephen Stills rocking the Bert Jones LSU jersey!!!
God damn right, these guys were truly something special together. Music is magic, and these motherf'ers were magicians
before the grey set in only gets better from here
neil has the best sideburns of the 60s and harvest ist my all time favourite record. timeless!
Neil Young's Cat. Maybe one day he'll learn guitar.
Oh Hell ye!!
Does it get any better !!
What happened to the rest of the video?
massive vid ! thank you! seperate the wheat from the chaff is as old as mankind is.....
It just needs Ben Kieth to add those impossibly sad steel guitar parts on Old Man - beautiful versions
Sloppiest live act of all time. They obviously never rehearsed anything.. aside from Neil Young who did a pretty great job on his own. Maybe it's because they got sick of the original recordings? Who knows.. but they sucked live.

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