Neil Young Live at Cobo Hall, Detroit, MI - 1/8/1973 Full Show AUD

Neil Young Live at Cobo Hall, Detroit, MI - 1/8/1973 Full Show AUD

".... too wasted to write my own ….." , this is a very special era, reaching back to Everybody Knows this is Nowhere,  basking in the beautiful Harvest tunes, and giving us a peek into the magnificent gloom of Tonight's the Night
We need a song like Ohio for the president to help America make America great again
I wish more more can be done for Donald Trump Neil Young help out sing a song for him
That song "L.A." is a prophecy I think.
0:00 On The way Home
3:35 Tell Me why
7:18 LA
10:2 I Am A Child
14:00 Love In Mind
17:16 Sugar Mountain
27:02 Borrowed Tune
Gators Join Neil
32:40 Out On The Weekend (Neil is playing a Banjo I think at this point)
Band Intros
38:20 Harvest (Back on Guitar)
42:43 Heart of Gold
48:07 Time Fades Away (White Falcon)
52:54 Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere
57:37 New Mama
1:00:54 Come Along and Say You Will
1:04:59 Alabama
1:09:26 Cinnamon Girl
1:13:44 Don't Be Denied
1:22:10 Lookout Joe
Last Dance
1:35:38 Encore Are You Ready For the Country (Neil's on Piano)
Amazing show, i absolutely love this period
Troubadour, ever.

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