Neil Young in a barn

Neil Young in a barn

better version out there somewhere
Is this the same recording as on the album?
What a sound. Is there more film of barn recording like this?
I'm in love with this song
Great recording! Besides Neil, none of the players here ("Stray Gators") are still living.
where is the full version! MORE BARN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
+CosmosOfBeauty took the words.. no pun intended. Right outta my mouth. I'd do horrible things to see this uncut video.
i forgot ben keith died... and RIP Tim Drummond
Como eu queria ter esse vídeo com essa música completa
just love that crisp burn he gets out of his ax. that bernard shrieky shakey patented sound that only neil can do and you know it's the real neil. and he's so good at it. neil's so real.
....More barn !!....that's what Neil yelled out when he had speakers in the barn and at another location on his ranch and he was trying to balance the sound between the the story goes....
I once saw the Fugs play in a barn.
It's been on BBC 4 so it will likely be repeated in due course.
Yes, where can we get the whole movie, people...??? AAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRGH!
Blue ray i think
There`s a blue ray disc that has ,words ,man needs a maid and others from Harvest.
Don´t be denied , a documentary about Neil.
where on earth can I get this ?????
How good is this? Luv to see more. Any Clues?

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