My Ohio Dream

My Ohio Dream

* Beautiful, melodic guitar! Lovely chord progressions....very creative. Very soothing. Goes great with the lovely Ohio footage. Ohio is beautiful...I have relatives there and I remember driving through the winding, hilly roads....the country scenery was amazing. Thanks for sharing your talent! God bless you:)
hmm this looks like central Ohio half way between Cleveland and Columbus. I am a city girl myself but every few years or so it is nice to go down here and spend all my money in the Amish shops. :P
@alymitchell3 Thank you Aly!
@Heavenfirst Thank you Claire. I just noticed this comment and I just want to say thank you. Give God the glory.
Holmes County is home to the world's largest population of Amish residents. Wikipedia
@scamera Amen! The words of Jesus... our state motto. Mark 10:27 Jesus looked at them and said, "With man this is impossible, but not with God; all things are possible with God."
Beautiful composition and very nice images in this job! Congratulations and Thumbs up:)
Just beautiful!!! Thank you!
Very nice and relaxing!! Great job.
@camaroracer454 I am certain you will not be disappointed.
@camaroracer454 Hey! I have a very good friend who does the sports on an NBC TV affiliate out there in Lima. He is the Sports Director also and no I have not been there yet but he tells me it is absolutely georgeous. Much like THIS VIDEO. Where will you be moving from?
Central Ohio. By the way, I wonder if he liked the video? The same question would go to Acuraintegraman1. What...they don't believe me? LOL
He said it is Ohio.
It looks like Iowa. It's probably in western Ohio. It doesn't look like this in northeast Ohio where I am.
Well, I'm looking for my post, but it isn't here?? OK. I have driven around Portsmouth and Shawnee St. Forest near the Ohio and Scioto Rivers. I have ventured to the Indian Burial Mound. the land in your vid resembles Texas, rolling prairie, but the trees, vegetation would be different.
Thank you Margar. I love you!
doesnt look like the part of ohio im from.
I love this Pat. The music was great too and a good match. I am amazed at how much the land there looks like Mississippi. It's amazing how much of the central US looks alike whether you go north or south. You could have namd this a drive through MS and nobody would have known the difference. I really enjoyed this video.
ahhh Soo Beautiful & Relaxing!!! 5*s Love This One! The Clouds Are Really Cooool! I Always Watch The Clouds When We Are Driving....Thank You Patrick My Friend....Anita....
I will look!

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