My New Mahindra 5555 4x4 Tractor - Review

My New Mahindra 5555 4x4 Tractor - Review

How the heck do you afford a shop house property and all that stuff? I barley afforded a $7k dump trailer lol. Everything on credit?
What an idiot use the ramps for the trailer. Load a few times like that and it will bend the trailer
Nice tractor, but the guy delivering it really needs to learn the proper way to load a trailer.... wayyy to much toung weight.
Why why why get a Mahindra. You will be sorry I hope I am wrong but they are notoriously bad on electrical systems. It will lift no doubt but it will lift more than the tractor is rated at. The front end is smaller than that of a Kubota who has excellent warranty. I myself would rather have an older Massey Ferguson or John Deere. Just have it one over with new tires and hydraulicsand it would be a much better tractor in my opinion.
That operated that delivered the tractor looked like he’d never driven a tractor before
What about the trade-in value
Thanks for the review. No need to respond to my earlier request for update video for the 4550. THank you
Nice tractor proud for india India's most popular tractor
Mahindra is indan tracktar best forom indan...Nice riveo
hows that mahindra
Only bad thing is when you want to add rear hook ups. About 2K for those, which is a ripoff.
Pete have you had any trouble so far? You never know what to believe online but a lot of people complain about Mahindras, but you can read crap about all of them. I noticed that 4550 made a lot of knocking noise?
Nice video. I've been looking at that series. I'm glad that isn't my trailer. Thanks.
Nice AMX
great thanks,,
Thank you very much for Sharing , Great Video, Great Information,
4035 mahindra specs
Is it a manual or automatic transmission
Hi there! I agree with what you said about the tractor you have can lift more than any others in that same class. But the only problem is the front axle is often not made heavy duty enough to support the lifting capacity of the front end loader hydraulics. Kubota tractors beat mahindra in this aspect of the 2 brands. But other than that. Your tractor is awesome!

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