My New Autonomous Agriculture Drone!

My New Autonomous Agriculture Drone!

(Music doesn't fit the industry.) Glad to see your video showing the use of drones. Will post its link on Texas AG Drone Enthusiasts in FB.
How about a hybrid one?
Should've done a Gangnam style gag.
Awesome! How much does it cost?
do these people have a website?
Damn music sucks SHIT! It's too loud and you're voice is too low, so when I turn it up to hear you, then the shit music comes on and wakes up the dead! Kill that music!
Sir I need same one price?
I want the procedure of this equipment...plz
Pl send tech spe s
I don't see how much you can do with 2 gallons (8 liters) of liquid per trip, and 15 min of battery time that take one hour to charge, not even if you have 10 charged batteries (150 min= 2.5 hrs), here is where the "bright" idea crashes against the WALL OF REALITY. May be in a small produce farm ?? not even.
A regular duster plane can load up to 800 gallons (3000 liters) per flight... about the same as a farm tractor.
So can the drone compete price per acre with the crop dusters?
Drone tech for AG has huge potential. It's coming....
So what is the difference/advantage of using this drone as apposed to using the DJI MG-1S?
god that music is fucked up.
This one is P20 or P30 ?
Hi, Do you have any information on the DJI version, AG MG-1s
This is brilliant....
hi where can i buy the drone?
dude you're not casey neistat. cut it out with the crap music
do you have a link to the people who make this ?
and how much do you think this would cost ?

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