My New Autonomous Agriculture Drone!

My New Autonomous Agriculture Drone!

I don't see how much you can do with 2 gallons (8 liters) of liquid per trip, and 15 min of battery time that take one hour to charge, not even if you have 10 charged batteries (150 min= 2.5 hrs), here is where the "bright" idea crashes against the WALL OF REALITY. May be in a small produce farm ?? not even.
A regular duster plane can load up to 800 gallons (3000 liters) per flight... about the same as a farm tractor.
So can the drone compete price per acre with the crop dusters?
Drone tech for AG has huge potential. It's coming....
So what is the difference/advantage of using this drone as apposed to using the DJI MG-1S?
god that music is fucked up.
This one is P20 or P30 ?
Hi, Do you have any information on the DJI version, AG MG-1s
This is brilliant....
hi where can i buy the drone?
dude you're not casey neistat. cut it out with the crap music
do you have a link to the people who make this ?
and how much do you think this would cost ?
They call it autonomous, but it looks like it takes three grown men to operate it.. I'd bet they could have spayed the same area manually without the toys in half the time.
is this Yuba city? or Colusa? crazy lol
take that bees; replaced with drones; ya'll take it easy
Bota esses ilegais ai para trabalhar fdp
Agricultor Nutella pqp
What is the name of the Drone?
Oh give me a break. 2 acres per charge. To most people who don’t know this that’s terrible. I’m flying 140 acres per charge with a 15 lb payload. Goes to show California pays through the nose for farming.
Great work sir , what is the flight controller did you used and I need remaining specifications.
Thank you 🙏
FAWK that things big, make a harness and have it carry you around town.

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