My Livestock MISTAKES – They Are Gone

My Livestock MISTAKES – They Are Gone

Makes me glad I live in the country. Sorry this happened. :L
Sorry this happened to you and your family. Wish you all the best!!
When looking for a home, they should have been paying attention to what was already there, they just want to control you to make you fit in their box.
Those snotty Davidson people will be the first to starve when it hits the fan.
Fuck those neighbors. You been there ten years. Your property and that fucker bringing up 40 year old shit that they weren't even there for like fuck off
That is messed up!! Hopefully your family will move on to bigger and better things;)
Sell the acre to one of those morons who need the McMantion.
Move on to a nice 40 elseware.
Good information. I love homesteading. Hope you guys find something .God bless you guys.
These are the people who say "you should just get your food from the store like everyone else"... Like its manufactured right there. These are also the people who would freak out if asked to have a victory garden like WW2. Likely they would try to pass a law making you give up your food to feed them. All ROYAL castles and such were self sufficient. I'm sorry this happened.
I’m so sorry there gone you guys should’ve been able to keep them.
I live in Texas. ....I could build the Empire State Building in my back yard and there's nothing anyone can say about it... I lease land and raise cattle.. it's very profitable. Everyone has Great Pyrenees ..You'd love them...NO STATE TAXES. About a hundred miles south of Dallas /Ft. Worth
And no liberals so far
doesn't sound like full disclosure when you bought the home
Part of the problem are the suburbanites and city people. Often they are selfish and narcissistic. I only know this because I've seen my county transform People build near a hog farm and want the hog farm to move. They move next to a racetrack and want the track to end their life long business because its 'noisy' I see these things over and over. It's all about them, to hell with the families already living there. Your situation is a little different and I think we all learned a great deal from your situation. It made me re-read my deed and check my area to see if my acre is actually plotted as part of a neighborhood. Bless you and your husband, you are in my prayers.
You guys will be in our prayers! I firmly believe you will find the perfect place.
Thank you for sharing your video about downsizing & the difficulties you encountered. It was very forthright of you to admit to the issues and to hear the humility with which you addressed your neighbors concerns - not easy to things to realize, let alone say aloud to the world. We salute your endeavors and wish you both big happiness in your next home & homestead!! Hugs from Indiana, Susan & Gregg
So very admirable of you to admit your mistakes and also so sad to see that you had to move and lose your animals. But hopefully something better was waiting for you all . God bless you and wishing you all the best :-)
I hope that before the end of the video you say you will be finding a county home to move to.
Thanks for the great video
I am so sorry! We can’t even have a few chickens!
You speak very well and your message is right to the point. Your Neighbors suck!!

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