My Livestock MISTAKES – They Are Gone

My Livestock MISTAKES – They Are Gone

There's always that one neighbor that has to ruin it for everyone else. If I didn't want to be around animals/homesteads/farms i would move their. No a high opinion of your nasty neighbor.
Sorry about your critters. A home in a forest type area on a few or more acres would be ideal. Also, have you looked into Earthship's or solar passive green homes? Oh and thanks for being so open about your mistakes. The information was helpful.
Our “ mistakes “ are learning experiences . You did your best . Will check to see if you moved
Oh wow that stinks, prayers for an answer.
Thank you for being so strong. God Bless you on your future adventures.
Your humbleness touched me I pray for you and your family that you will find the most perfect place for you and your family and all the livestock you guys can muster keep your hopes up and don’t let anyone keep you from your dream and goals God Bless
People SUCK
As an old farmer my advice is get 5 acres or more. Even an older house in the country with a little land. Neighbors almost always will be a problem. Get space around you. God bless!
Aww I'm sorry for you...
I can tell you are 💓 broken.
I just wished you would have let those TEARS go. You be remind me of myself.
They hate us cuz they anus!!!! Thank you for your humbleness and using your experience to educate others.
Im so sorry you guys had to get rid of livestock. I'm a NYC boy(65yrs. old), and I started homesteading a year ago. I've had great luck with chickens, and growing vegetables. 2019 will be a busy year. I just finished my greenhouse, to grow starter plants, at the farmer's market. I'm adding a full menu lol, bees, mushrooms, vegetables, broilers, eggs, and goats. Im start my own you tube channel "Bricks to Sticks". You guys are good, I wish you the best, and much success in whatever you guys endeavor you chose.
Good luck to you in your new adventure. People suck and you have a great attitude. God bless
This is the second Guildbrook video I'd ever seen, and the first one Jordan saw. I was impressed by your composure and grace, Jaime, and I had to know more about you and what you were working toward. We wanted to see where you went from this point in time, to see your happy move forward, so we watched from your arrival at the new house on to the present. Then we started back at the beginning. Having watched from here through to the present day, I knew where your story was going, but watching from the beginning was still like watching Jaws when the music picked-up pace. This was coming. Watching from the beginning, we were even more endeared to you four and your life stories, but also to your animals. We became invested in your struggle every step of the way. Getting back to this video is like a whole new level of heartbreak. I'd already seen this video 3 times before, but this time through, I cried. This time, it was personal. I can't fathom the struggles you've borne behind the scenes, and the pain and insult that accompanies it all. You have my undying respect for your fortitude, perseverance, and grace through it all. I know from experience that your losses will be restored multiple times over. You built it once, you will build it again, but better. ❤
Praying for the doors to fly wide open for you!!
I wish you all the best, but maybe you were a little bit too vulnerable? When living in an agricultural area where keeping of livestock is allowed then the rascal neighbors have to be taught how to behave respectful and friendly. Or, otherwise, force them to leave not that you have to pack your bags.
Cool hair
The most human story I have heard in quite some time. You seem balanced and honest enough with yourself that it is inevitable that your next move will be much more in harmony with your vision of life. Thanks for sharing your experience.
I’ve never in my life watched a video on YouTube like this. Nowadays everyone I know would be trashing their neighbors and talking all kinds of junk. Thank you for not doing that. Thank you for showing such humility. Thank you for being a strong woman this way. I’m an old soul and believe in things like integrity. When I see someone demonstrate and attitude like this I immediately stop and tell that person how strong they are for not being like a lot of other people. To accept the blame and consequences for your actions out loud on YouTube makes me believe in humanity again.

You guys will find your spot. That place was just not the right fit. Trust me, you will look back in this and say it was one of the best things that ever happened to you. It’s a fact some people don’t like homesteaders. That’s ok. You can thank them for helping you understand who you are and what you like. Life is a process. It’s ok to stumble and fall. Remember, these things will happen and we cannot control that. The one thing we can control is our own reaction to these things that happen. Great job harnessing your reaction. Now, go use that harnessed energy to move toward who you’ve been created to be. God bless you guys.
May have missed it but WHERE are you located? Thank you for the honest advice.
I wish other youtubers would take a lesson from you on background music. It is pleasant and quiet as in "background" music. Most people don't understand the meaning of background. Love your videos. Hang in there.

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