My Livestock MISTAKES – They Are Gone

My Livestock MISTAKES – They Are Gone

I can listen to you talk for hours. Perfect English
My heart aches for you and your family! We have some persnickity neighbors. I'm pretty sure they caused the other neighbors to get their two cow/calf pairs out. I heard them talking one night. Ugh... Well... I am here to thank you for sharing this information and wish you happiness in your next endevor ! ♡
I sure hope you took your fencing with you... Reuse it where ever you moved to.
Communists suck... You don't want trash like that for a neighbor. Get out, quick. They won't stop finding excuses to attack you... Sell before they seize it.
That's sad. I would probably be tempted to move. I learned in life that sometimes a door closes and you think that your life is caving in on you, but its just so then the much better door opens. One you cant foresee yet, but that the smaller door needed to open first and then close, for the next bigger door to open.
That must have been hard to lose your animals. I'm sorry. I live in NW Montana and you couldn't find a more beautiful setting. Of course its a different lifestyle. Good luck with all your endeavors
Thank you for sharing your story with us all. It is unfortunate that many of the small farms and homestead lots are being forced to convert because of those looking for a country life style without the country. They like the cheaper price tag but not the sounds and smells that come with it. I wish you and your family all the best.
Whats your neighbors address? I know a couple of heavy hitters that like to burn things!
Thanks for telling your family's story. I now know to buy more acreage that is zoned agricultural.
I guess its time to move.. life is short..
Hopefully someone convinces your neighbor to leave
Ugh this is why I don’t have neighbors anymore.
Unfortunately these type of people aren't restricting themselves to the urban environment. They are also trying to push their opinions, views, and restrictions further out into the rural areas through legislation and bylaws. City folk really enjoy the power of forcing their opinions on others through the armed authority of the law.
This story really gets my goat!
Wow..sad sad ppl
I hate that. I don’t live within the city limits. I hope your neighbors house burns down. Or snipe their AC unit.
Good luck, patience and breath
Some people have such a lack of understanding and too far removed from the land they dont like what they dont understand!!!!!!!
This is the first video I have even seen from you guys. But I'm sorry you had to go through this. I'm going to sub and start watching to see how you guys have progressed!
Omg! Im going through the same exact thing right now. Selling my 5+ acres. Looking for Agricultural/Residential with NO covenants or deed restrictions. Good luck.

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