Mowing with Three Tractors and Four Mowers.

Mowing with Three Tractors and Four Mowers.

Man I wish I could work on farm
Would have been better to split the feild with the front mower
Wow, nice Alan. Never seen so many tractors mowing in one field like this before.
quick question, why would any farmer leave a bunch of tree's growing in the middle of a field ? other wise a nice video
And it still just about beats our butterfly mowers, great video though

Diced mice!
Why leave the loader on when your'e mowing? You wouldn't have the mower on when your'e loading bales and they are easier to remove than anything on the rear linkage.
Nice video 👍✌️
As always a very nice video Alan, well done!
The blue beauties
Nice Teamwork.;-)
Do you now how Big the meadow is?
The boys in blue :-) nice Video Alan

Glad you enjoyed it.
Yes, it doesn't take long with three, and all anxious to get on!
Great to have you back, Steve. Where you been, and did you enjoy it?
gd man alan tidy video
there making good time of that field
Thanks Robert
nice video, 3 good new hollands

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