Mowing Third-Cut Silage - Two Tractors and Four Mowers.

Mowing Third-Cut Silage - Two Tractors and Four Mowers.

Great video! Doesn't look like there is a lot of grass on that field though
Great video and very nice Massey Ferguson. Also nice cows :-)) Here a lot of grass mowing this week because the sun is shining.
Great video ;) I bet the guy in the massey wouldn't want to go back to a 5ft drum mower :)
Good video Alan.
My new is there,something special,enjoy it.
Now Alan, that Massey looks superb!! A sparkling red beast in the Welsh sun.
Nice one Alan,thank you.
The T6.165 is not a small tractor,but it looks puny beside that 6495 beastie!
Great clip, Alan! ;)
Nice video!
Alan I Like the MF6495 Meny Greetings your Sebi!!!
great one that massey will get the job done quickly

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