Mowing hay with New Holland 4.75 tractor

Mowing hay with New Holland 4.75 tractor

how fast are you mowing in mph? I have same mower but think I go too fast.
I like the tractor so far. I only have two minor gripes. When you throw the PTO in on a batwing mower you have to throw it in pretty slow or it won't go. New Holland says there is a replacement part to fix this issue and it is actually being replaced right now. The other problem is that it's a wet clutch and when the oil gets warm and you want to clutch some times it'll want to jump a little on you. Sucks when trying to hook up equipment. I have a 110 horse New Holland with a paddle shift and wet clutch and it doesn't have these problems. All in all these are just little issues and nothing I can't deal with.
How do you like the t4 75. Any problems with it. I'm thinking of getting one myself for haying and snow plowing. Thanks.

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